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Solar Tracker with Servo-Tracking Motor


You may be following the trend of a collapse of Solar Panel prices-Mono & Poly Crystalline (UL & CE Approved) which have dropped 5/6th from their high 2007 -$6 per watt CIF- down to $.75-$1.20 per watt.

Global production has relied on the same form factor-225-260 Watt panels. At the same time, heat-to-energy conversion has risen from 14% to 22% and more, per panel, with the net result of nearly double the output for 1/6th the cost.


Some applications will call for a mix with Vertical Wind & Solar; most solutions are customized to terrain, wind speed, weather & climate, infrastructure capacity and Grid conditions.


3 KW Vertical Access Hybrid Wind Turbine

The requirement, as defined, was for a specific client with 70-80 Cellular Radio Transmission Towers, and required 700W Continuous power (RBS 550w & Transmission Equipment 150w). 

We recommended that they use 15m^2 solar tracking racks.


So each Radio Tower would have a Solar Power Station next to it consisting of the following:


Solar Tracker:                                           2 x Solar TRACKER                             USD  each

Solar panels:                                   ......        24 x 160W, 36V                                 USD each

Charge Controller:                                   2 x  OUTBACK                                      USD  each

Power Inverters:                                                None Required. 48VDC direct from Battery....

Battery Bank:                               68 x 12V, 105Ah [Batteries wired for 48VDC]     USD  each


Total cost excluding shipment and installation:   USD $ CONTACT US FOB/Ex-Works, ex VAT, per Tower


The above price out ships FOB (Germany, USA, South Africa, China), and exclude any shipment costs.


[Note: Current shipping cost for large orders -per container- average $.03 per Watt] 


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