50-ft to 650-ft Line of Site 20m to 210m per beam [Ships Worldwide]


Aerial Property view Dakota Alert


This property could be protected by Dakota Solar Wireless Beams (4) x 350ft $1095  See it here


Skorpion-Beams (3) Lines 2-4-6 ft high @ $125 x (4) $1500 Plus Siren/Alert & [Control Box $189 8-zone,if connecting to Alarm, Not required]


When there is Fencing, RAZR-FLEX Sensor Cables can monitor 500-4500 ft with ease with Controllers every 500-1000ft (PDF opens on DocHub)


If you have the range, watch the scene on-site or remotely with Internet IP WiFi Cameras $89-$489  See it here


If the area is remote without Internet Access, but a good Cellular GSM Signal? Try a 4G GSM Camera with Solar & Battery by Airlink See it here


SKORPION Wired Sensor Beams


Major Price Breakthrough for 2019 (30-50% reduction)


The Skorpion Beams consist of separate transmitters and receivers. The transmitter emits invisible infrared beams with shifting frequencies to the receiver. The frequencies change within a certain range to protect the beams from disturbance.

The alternating frequencies feature can also help cut power consumption to extend the detectors life span.

The quick alignment system built-in is intended to speed up accurate and reliable positioning. This detector uses 2, 3, or 4 pulsed-infrared beams that are designed to activate an alarm only when both beams are simultaneously blocked.


Design Durability
Highly Durable and Heat-Resistant Housing Cover and Chassis

The housing cover and chassis provide higher durability against shocks, high temperatures, and many other harsh environmental conditions.
Frost and Dew Protection
An anti-frost and convex visor design is incorporated to protect the detector from effect of frost and dew.
99.5% Beam Blocking stability
Stable operation is maintained with as much as 99.5% of the beam's energy blocked by heavy rain, dust storms, snow or fog.
High Grade Aspherical Lens
The high grade lens creates more sharply defined and precise infrared beams compared to ordinary Fresnel lenses.


Twin Synchronized Pulsed Beams Designed for Greater Stability
"Skorpion" tm Beams require simultaneous interruption of both beams to trigger an activation. No activation is generated when a bird or falling leaves break just one beam.
Adjustable Beam Interruption Period
The Beam Interruption Time (the amount of time a beam must be broken for an alarm to occur) can be adjusted to fit any application.
For example, when protecting a wall or fence, a longer interruption time will catch intruders, but let jumping cats pass through without setting off an alarm

Quick optical and voltage alignment to speed up positioning
A conveniently placed view finder allows for easy alignment, even in some of the most difficult mounting situations.

In the receiver there are two holes indicating for voltage measuring. Find the beam and use a voltmeter to measure the voltage until the suggested value appears.

The rotating dial and voltage measuring allows the installer to finely adjust the beam easily horizontally (+180
/ +90) or vertically (+10/ + 5




Wiring Guide?


Diameter  (square millimeter)




0.5square millimeter       (Diameter 0.8)



0.75square millimeter      (Diameter 1.0)



1.25square millimeter      (Diameter 1.2)



2.0square millimeter       (Diameter 1.6)




Read the Manual? click here

MODEL HTNA900/B30 HTNA900/B60 HTNA900/B80 HTN900/B100
Detection method Pulsed Infrared Dual Photo-Electric Beam
Range Outdoor 30m 60m 80m 100m
Indoor 90m 180m 240m 300m
Beam Options   'Triplicate' Pulsed Beam,   'Quad' Pulsed Beam   & 'Quad' Pulsed Beam w/Variable Frequency                                (outdoor ranges from 30m up to 250m)
Interruption period 50~700msec(selectable)
Power input DC12~24V/AC11~18V
Current consumption 40mA max 55mA max 65mA max 65mA max
Alarm period 2Sec(±1)nominal
Alarm output Form C relay (AC/DC30V 0.5A max)
Tamper switch Normally Closed. Opens when cover is removed (receiver only)
Operating temperature -25℃~+55℃
Environment humidity 95% max
Alignment angle ±5°vertical,±90°horizontal
Mounting Wall or pole
Weight 300g (Both transmitter and receiver)
Appearance PC Resin (Black)



All Retail prices below are per "unit" which means a pair (transmitter & receiver)  

SINGLE PAIR PRICING MATRIX (Single Unit, Special Boxing & Shipping)

Dual Beam (ONE Pair) Sample  (all plus $14.95 S/H from New York to 48 USA States)

B30..... (30-90ft or 10-30m)...........$99.95
  B60..... (60-180ft or 20-60m).........$139.95
  B80..... (80-240ft or 27-80m).........$169.95
   B100... (100-300ft or 33-100m).....$199.95

Dual-Beam Pair [30-300ft/10-100m]

Hawaii & Alaska extra. Outside the USA? No problem. We ship to you and invoice in your currency.


Dealers Welcome (volume discounts apply-see below starting at Min. 4-10 Pair)


Dual Beam (Per Pair) 4-Pair Min.


B30 $62.25.  (ea.pair)

B60 $74.98   (ea.pair)

B80 $87.48   (ea.pair)

B100 $92.48 (ea.pair)

10 units per carton



C50 $99.98

C75 $109.98

C100 $117.48

C150 $124.98

C200 $149.98

C250 $174.98

8 units per carton

Quad Beam


D50 $169

D100 $199

D150 $220

D200 $249

D250 $279

6 units per carton

Quad Beam w/ Variable Frequency

DVF50 $225

DVF100 $255

DVF150 $275

DVF200 $305

DVF250 $299

6 units per carton

90-650 Ft Dual IR Photo Beams
(4-pair Min) & $39.95 UPS


These Revolutionary Beam Detectors have at least 5 new breakthroughs,


#1.  Digital LED number indicator for alignment level.

There is a window on the beams which show you the No 1- 9 indicates the signal strength for alignment level.


#2.  Frequency adjustable.

The frequency is adjustable of each beams, which avoid interference.


#3.  Back-to-back installation.

The adjustable frequency avoid interference when several pairs beams are installed back to back for long range detection.


#4.  Multi-set stacking.

Each beams has frequency adjustable technology, so Multi-sets stacking and back to back installation is workable.


#5.  Intelligent heating.

The heater works automatically once the environment temperature is lower than 5 degrees centigrade so the set can work well and no

       false alarm in cold winter.



New Images from the Factory [Click on the Photo for a larger image]



    Skorpion Beams      Skorpion Beams      Skorpion Beams LED Alignment Window      Skorpion Beams



Accessories: Control Box $189, Horn $49-89, Chime $39-69, Strobe Lights $34.95 Solar Power $59-189



Strobes: Blue, Amber, Red, White $34.95 each


Compare the Skorpion Beams to Optex America?
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