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SIM Pal G4 GSM Cellular Snapshot Camera (Quad Band)

SIM PAL G4 Real Image   Real Photo from G4

Two images from the Camera (click to enlarge)

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

A ​
simple DIY indoor alarm camera, with built-in alarm PIR motion detector, GSM/3G industrial module, 5.0M pixels camera lens
  • Once motion 
    ​has been ​
    detected, auto sending SMS text message and high resolution images
    ​ (up to 5) are sent​
     directly to your mobile phone, 
  • Work
    ​the Hub of the 
    alarm system, 
    ​& ​
     up to 16pcs wireless sensor, such as wireless smoke detector, wireless PIR detector, wireless siren and remote control & more accessories
  • Any sensor trigger
    , auto send
    ​ with​
     images to your mobile phone
  • Latest FSK wireless technology guarantees better wireless sensor connection
  • Widely use
    ​d​ in Residential, Offices, W
    etail Store
    oat & more place
  • No WIFI or internet request of monitoring place, easy move the camera anywhere without extra configuring
High resolution alarm images
  • Auto sending high resolution images to your mobile phone, easy 
    ​to ​
    receive and 
    ​remote view
     alert details of your monitor place
  • Up to 5 HD images sen
     in one MMS or email, 
    ​so you can ​
    clearly see 
    ​the ​
    ​'s ​
    motion in 5 
​Form A

  • Built-in GSM/3G module, camera can alert by sending SMS, MMS, email or voice call
    ​. It
    up to 5 users number and 5 email address
    ​ per
     camera, sending alert information to all users and emails at the same time

  • SimPal-G4 come with 
    ​a ​
    built-in PIR motion detector, 
    ​Set off the A
    larm once 
    ​it ​
     motion in front the camera
  • Temperature sensor 
    ​built-in the
    ​sends a ​
    SMS alert once 
    ​there is a ​
    rapid temperature change, such as 
    ​Smoke or Fire.​
  • Connect up to 16pcs wireless sensor
    wireless door magnetic
    ​ contact​
    , wireless PIR detector, wireless smoke detector & more and works as 
    ​a system.
Easy use and install
  • SimPal-G4 extremely easy installing, remove battery cover, install SIM card and connect the power adapter, then its available working for you
  • IOS and Android application available now, easy control the camera in your smartphone
Technical specifications:
  • Communication: Integrated WCDMA module
  • GSM bands: GSM 850/900/1800/1900  
  • WCDMA: 2100 (850/1900 optional)
  • GSM antenna: External with standard SMA connector
  • Working temperature/humidity: -10 ℃ to 45 ℃/ 10% to 90%
  • Alarm detection: PIR body detection
  • Distance alarm detection: up to 6 m
  • Alarm modes: SMS, MMS, Email, Voice calls
  • Support Email type: Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, and other email account.
  • Camera/maximum distance: 5.0 Mega pixels/up to 6 m
  • images resolution: 320*240/ 640*480/1280*768
  • Built-in microphone distance: Yes, up to 6 m
  • Night vision: Yes, 10pcs white light LED.
  • Temperature sensor: Yes

SimPal-G4 3G Security Camera

SimPal-G4 3G alarm camera, simple DIY indoor alarm camera, with built-in alarm PIR motion detector, GSM/3G industrial module, 5.0M pixels camera lens. Once motion has been detected, the unit auto sends a SMS text message, including high resolution images- directly to your mobile phone.

Work as brain of home alarm system, connect up to 16pcs wireless sensor, such as remote control, wireless PIR detector, wireless smoke detector and wireless siren etc accessories. Any sensor trigger, camera auto sending SMS, images alert to your mobile phone. FSK is utilized for better connection.

Widely use at home warehouse, store, boat etc place. No Wifi or Internet request of monitoring place, easy move camera anywhere without extra configure.

High resolution alarm
Auto sending high resolution images to your mobile phone, easy receive and see alert details of your monitor place. Up to 5 HD images

send in one MMS or email, clearly see intruder motion

Multi-mode alarm
Built-in GSM/3G module, camera alert by sending SMS, MMS, e-mail or make audio calling; store 5 user numbers and 5 e-mail address at

camera, sending alert information to all Users and e-mail at the same tme

Multi-protect modeSimPal-G4 come with built-in PIR motion detector, it will alarm once detect motion in front of camera place, Temperature sensor attached on camera, SMS alert once environment rapid temperature change, such as fire accident. Connect up to 16pcs wireless sensors, work as brain of full-set home alarm system

Easy use and installation
SimPal-G4 extremely easy installation, remove battery cover, install SIM card and co

 IOS and Android Application help you easy control the camera with your smartphone.

GSM bandsGSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz  WCDMA 2100Mhz
                                                                   (850/900/1900Mhz optional)
GSM antennaExternal standard SMA connector 
Alarm detectionPIR motion detection
Distance alarm detection Up to 6 meters 
Alarm modesSMS, MMS, e-mail, voice calling
E-mail typeGmail, Outlook, Hotmail and others
Camera lens5.0M max 1086×768 images
Images resolution                320×240, 800×480, 1086×768
Built-in Microphone             YES, up to 6 meters
Temperature sensor             YES, -10 to 50 degree range
Night vision                          YES, 10pcs White light LED

Radio Frequency FSK 433.92MHz 
Power adaptor (In-Out) 110~230V AC  - DC 12V 1A
Operation Condition Temperature: -10°C ~ +55°C 
  Relative Humidity: ≤80% (Non-condensing) 
Battery Lithium 1200mAh
Battery working time 12 hours standby, 3-4 hours working mode
Power lost alert YES
Dimensions (L×W×H) 125×80×41.8mm 

Packing content 
SimPal-G4 camera1PCS
GSM antenna1PCS
Temperature sensor1PCS
Power adaptor1PCS
Metal bracket1SET
User manual1PCS

SIM PAL G4 Temp. Sensor GSM Alert

SimPal-T2 Temperature Alert


SimPal-T2 GSM temperature monitor is the simple temperature alert device, it come with GSM module, temperature sensor inside, use to monitor environment temperature, only need to install SIM card and plug into wall socket, then it can sending temperature value or alert message to user’s mobile phone by SMS. It also can connect with external higher accuracy external temperature sensor, the sensor can put inside water or extremely high/ low environment. SimPal-T2 also supports power lost/restore alert, sending SMS when the power is lost

Smoke Detector for SIMPAL  
#SP-01 $27.95 Wireless Smoke Detector
Motion Sensor PIR
SP#02 $24.95 PIR Wireless Motion Sensor
Door Magnetic Wireless Contact
SP#03 $19.95 Window or Door Wireless Magnetic Contact

Indoor Siren Wirless SIM PAL G4
SP#04 $24.95 Indoor Wireless Siren

Power Socket 220v

SP#05 $39.95 Wireless Power -220v Mains-Socket (Remote Control)

Wireless Remote SIM Pal G4

SP#06 $19.95 Key Chain Remote Control / Panic Switch

USA Only (T-Mobile SIM $24.95). All others can purchase a local SIM in your country, same price range, including unlimited 1st month.

Retails $349.95 Your Cost $249.95 plus accessories and SIM and EMS Shipping (Other options include Fedex, TNT, DHL
Snapshot Camera & Remote Accessories (Wireless)


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