Technology Update for Secure Facilities 2020



ACE Laminate for Glass Blast Shatter Protection


Blast Shield-(Video above)Anti-Balliste' Vest-IP Camera-GSM (SIM) Camera-Long Range Camera-


Explosive Detectors-[New] Under Vehicle Inspection HD Camera (UCSS) - Landmine & IED Detector (2m depth) AML-1000 $3495 List


Encrypted Bluetooth Interface (Made in Canada) for Micro Ear Phonak Profilo Nano

Phonak Profilo Nano Ear with Amigo Encrypted Bluetooth Link with PTT & Neck Loop $1995


BioMetrics-Power Generation-Perimeter Access Control-Optex Redscan tm Laser Beams-"Skorpion"tm Wired Photo Sensor Beams-OptexAmerica


Wireless Beams-Phonak "Invisity" tm -Surveillance Invisible Ear Mike-Invisity Encrypted Bluetooth for Android & iPhone-Smart Glass tm


Five Stars What's NEW? Mini-Micro-Pinhole-Wired/Wireless-Cameras (and Detector)


CS-1X40M 720P USB OTG UVC Tube Snake Camera


High Technology International



After 35-Years offering solutions for Government and Corporate clients, we at High Tech Int. feel uniquely positioned to summarize the potential threat and the potential deterrence:


A potential terrorist threat versus files diversion versus Passport theft all require a different response, as they equally pose various levels of risk. A break-in to steal PC's can cost way more Intel damage than financial loss, alone, but not as bad as Virus Infiltration and Remote Scanning to extract Data.


From sporadic or random attacks on Religious facilities, to planned Terrorist schemes against soft or hardened targets, whether a Bus Depot in  Nigeria or Ministry of Defense in Yemen, or IED's & Truck Explosives & Snipers in Iraq... We are there with an active logistical response & effective solutions...for you or your clients' facilities--Guaranteed.


New Services: Canine Dispatch (London & Lagos), SWAT Training (Paris & USA)), Trained Security (Armed, Unarmed Lethal)







Long-Range Laser Beams for Point-to-Point 50m to 1000m


FETN Lasers


Everything Access Control: Building Entry, Automated Parking Lot  Management, & 'Swipe Cards'-Radio Frequency or Biometric



AmClock Biometric Scanner



Grid, Primary or Back-up Power Generation- Fast deployable Power Solutions GenSets, Solar, Small Wind Turbine

High Tech Gensets tm, Clean n' Green tm, Sun-Drenched Solar tm


OPTEX Redscan Laser Motion Detector Sensor (Released March 2016)


Retails $1,895, Your Cost? Send an eMail Quote Request (Pay in 20 Currencies, Ships from the Factory, USA)



Installers available for deployment worldwide- based in USA, UK, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia and more



Phonito Nano & Invisity by Phonak


Surveillance Audio


ProMAX Concealable


Protective Vests



Perimeter Security & Alarm-(Full Site)


Skorpion Invisible Beam Sensors (Virtual Fence), Optex Beams (Wired, Wireless & PoE, Razr Flex Fence Protection (Microphone Cabling)

 & Fence Sensors, Racon Ground Sensors and more


Skorpion Invisible Photo Electric Beam            

Hot NEW Item: RESTRICTED SALES ONLY [Export License Required] LONG-RANGE CAMERA allows Surveillance from 2km to 20km

[Can even see through bad weather, cloudy, foggy conditions}




"People, Vehicles, Bags & Packages"


XPAK G2 The latest solution for home-made & improvised Explosive Devices


Read the PDF (English) or (Arabic قراءة الكتيب هنا )



Introducing the next generation XPAK with capability to detect Homemade Explosives. The XPAK G2 is a rugged, affordable, and user-friendly portable trace explosives detection system. In less than a day, users can learn to collect and identify trace explosives on people, vehicles, bags, and packages.

Portable - Ideal for Force Protection and Special Operations.
Versatile - Detects a wide range of explosives.
Affordable Performance - Sensitive trace detection at an affordable price.
Rugged - Excels under realistic field conditions.
Fast - Ready immediately with no warm-up or calibration; analysis in seconds.
Convenient - System, supplies and chargers in one rugged case.


XPak G2 Portable Explosive Detector RedXDefense


XPAK® Applications

Routine entrance screening - Quickly sample people at entrances to bases, embassies, buildings, power plants, airports, stadiums, events, and facilities

Spot screening - Randomly screen people and/or their belongings when routine entrance screening is impractical or unnecessary.

Vehicle screening - Screen vehicles at checkpoints or delivery entrances

Screening large numbers of hand-carried items - Screen luggage, briefcases, bags, and other hand-carried items at airports, bus terminals, and other arrival and departure points.

Screening mailed and shipped items - Screen letters, packages, and shipping crates arriving at embassies, mailrooms, government facilities, or large shipping facilities.

Threat-based screening - On-site screening of people, vehicles, unattended packages, or mailed/shipped items in response to a threat.

Information gathering - Gather information about bomb-making activities


 Detection Principle - Fluor Metric Detection

 Explosives Detected - TNT, DNT, RDX, PETN, HMX, Semtex, Tetryl, C4, PE -4, COMP B, Deta sheet, Prima sheet, Det cord, Prima cord, Picric Acid, TNB, DNB, Nitroglycerin

NEW HME Capability: Homemade Explosives.[Inquire with RedX about additional detection capabilities]

 Sampling Capabilities - Trace Particulates

 Sampling Applications People, vehicles, packages, bags, surfaces

 Time to Sample/Analyze - Detection in less than 15 sec.*

 Calibration - None required

 Warm-up Time - None required

 Consumables - Detection ink, detection paper

 Power Source - Rechargeable Li-ion battery (charger included)

 Operating Temp. Range 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C) may vary based on local weather, climate, altitude

 Dimensions - 18" x 12.5" x 4.25" (Height x Width x Depth)



Our Brian makes a noble attempt to fool XPak in this Demonstration Video




XCAT tm Portable Instant Detection



CBS TV April 30th See the XCAT at work


The XCAT handheld detection system, which has just been selected as one of the year’s "12 Really Cool New Police Products" by the POLICE® Magazine 2013


"Features automated, one-step detection of Homemade and High Explosives, and GUN SHOT RESIDUE".

Use the XCAT for sampling suspicious substances on hands, vehicles, packages and surfaces.




 Explosives, and GSR detection in a single platform
 Red-Light/Green-Light result
 No interpretation, no color charts, no spraying, no chemical exposure
 Rugged for field use
 Detection library expandable
 Rechargeable Li-ion battery


  • Optical Detection Method

  • Analysis 10-90 Seconds

  • Power Up 20 seconds

  • Consumables use one per scan (under $5.00 ea)

  • Battery L-Ion 7 Hours (Car & Wall Charger)

Read the PDF (English)




See the full web site


Smart Glass is here. Works as Security or Blast Resistance (impact absorption) Shield,

Window Screening, Retail & Bank Open-Closed Shading





IP Camera -Panasonic CCTV Remote Control Interface


- TV adaptor connects to cameras and router with wired ethernet or wirelessly
- Can link to cameras from across the internet as well as on-site cameras providing more control while you watch TV (vrs. a PC monitor)
- Change the camera pan and tilt by remote control (zoom can be adjusted if it is programmed as a preset)
- Easy set up using UPnP compatible network cameras
- Warning buzzer sounds if a person is detected when using the thermal detection feature of the BL-C10 and BL-C30
- Camera image scan be easily recorded to an SD memory card
- Lens can be blocked when no monitoring is desired
- Connect and operate up to 8 cameras (4 wired, 4 wireless)
- Display up to 4 cameras on one screen
- Back panel connections include 4 LAN connections, 1 composite video output, DC In, default button, and 3-position switch (normal, regist for simple programming, and auto for successive displaying of preprogrammed cameras)
- Use with a video modulator/ IR Blaster (optional
) to play on video system
- IR Remote control included
- connects to router for internet viewing capability (WAN)




Network camera with 2 channel video server

- Pan/tilt/zoom camera
- View and record video from any internet connected PC
- Video server supports up to 2 cameras
- MJPEG video compression
- Stream video images directly to the internet without the need for a computer
- LCD display unit (network port ID, subnet mask, gateway)
- Resolution: 320x240
- Up to 20FPS frame rate
- 2 USB ports forPC camera
- USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant
- Built-in web server
- 32-Bit RISC CPU
- 1MB Flash memory
- 8MB Dynamic memory
- 8 User account/password
- Server dimensions: 1.9" x 2.5" x 8"
-Server weight: .17lbs
- For indoor use only
-Digital zoom
- Pan 320*, tilt 90*
- Color VGA sensor with 350,000 pixels
- Adjustable focus lens
- Camera dimensions: 4.3" x 4.4" x 4.2"
- Camera weight: .88lbs
- Software included


More ideas in Closed-Circuit TV (WiFi, IP, Encrypted, 900mhz, GSM Cellular)



Our new solution for the Digital Age.... IP WiFi Camera (or USB/RJ-45 Router Interface)


NEW unit ... WiFi Clock Radio Camera (soon) Combine up to 8 Camera (See 4-Quad Live)


Remote Control with Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) & Free Software for iPhone or Android

Wifi IP Camera with Nightvision and Sound                                       Camera back view (IP WiFi Camera)

  1. Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) easy to setup and use IP WiFi Camera   Read the Manual or See the Webpage




Long-Range Cordless Phones (Encrypted Voice)

Senao 358+ Long Range Cordless 3 Watt=5-10km

Voyager (Now "Intrinsically Safe")

or Senao or Alcon Base to Handset & Base to Remote-Base (Extended Dialtone to Remote Building)



Multi-Mode Multi-SIM Unlocked Phones (for communications anywhere Cell Towers are within range) CDMA or GSM or Cellular Phone Systems


"Instant Secure Private Cellular Mobile Systems in a Suitcase" $50,000-$500k (Up to 3,000 Handsets). eMail for more details (USA, Italy, Germany, UK)

GSM CDMA Dual Mode Dual SIM Cellular Phone




GSM Alarm -China One Plug n' Play SIM inserted Alarm sends SMS pre-programmed message or voice-recorded message $349.95. New unit from Prague called "David", allows up to 2 or 6 inputs $369.00 & $489.00 Read about it (Pdf)



GSM Cellular PBX with Mobility Extension-Stargate 900/1800/1900 mhz or 900/1800mhz


Eurotech VoIP


We have 1-2-4-6-8-12-24-32 SIM Terminals which co-locate and inter-connect with your existing Nortel or other PSTN PBX Phone switch allowing convergence whereby calls are routed by least cost, over Internet (called VoIP) or Cell to Cell or Wire to Wire (regular office lines).


SIM Servers handle 192. 256 or 512 SIM whereby the "Gateway" In-Country is virtual (no SIM installed) and SIM are actually in the Server, in another country.


Be aware there is a cross-connection (PaBX to GSM Terminal), which can be arranged to be installed with your local vendor. We have these Systems operating from Haiti to Iraq, from Cameroon to Madagascar Embassies & Consulates of the USA, and Banco Nationale de Mexico.



Internal Structure- Explosives Detection, Handheld Weapons Detector, Surveillance Detection, Miniature Cameras


Bio-Vault Safely Secures Special belongings



NEW Cellular GSM CCTV Security Camera with six Sensor inputs read here



SIM PAL G4 Snapshot Camera (Last 5 shots) via Email or MMS (Text) Click Here



Long-Range Laser Beam Sensors for Perimeter

{Please Note-Export Controls Apply; these may well be delivered from your local in-country Optex Agent}


Optex America-Redscan offers an actual Laser with a sweep pattern projects out up to 100 feet and runs a 190 degree circumference.

Watch the VIDEO. Read the PDF




  1. The RLS-3060 is a laser scan 100’ x 190° detector from Optex with an ability to detect the size, distance and speed of an object from the detector and organize the information accordingly. The RLS-3060 laser scan detector comes with a unique detection algorithm, a vertical/horizontal mounting option, a Form C alarm output, plus a function for automatic area setting, and an easy installation. The RLS-3060 detector also features independent N.O. outputs, a PTZ camera control independent adjustable detection, an environmental disqualification circuit, as well as an anti masking function, and an anti rotation function. This high quality laser scan detector is ideal for outdoor areas reducing installation costs and offering a detection area of a 100’ radius and a 190 degrees arc which is able to cover a good sized detection area.


    Vertical and horizontal mounting (Optional units $350-$450 USD)

    Unique detection algorithm

    Four independently adjustable detection areas for PTZ camera control

    Four independent N.O. outputs

    Form C master alarm output

    Easy installation

    Automatic area setting function

    Environmental disqualification circuit

    Anti-rotation function

    Anti-masking function

    Fog cancelation algorithm (Patent pending)

    Trouble output

    Tamper output

Detection method- Infrared Laser Scan



Vertical Coverage area Approx. 200 ft. (60 m) at 10% reflectivity
Horizontal Coverage area Radius Approx. 100 ft. (30m), Arc: 190* at 10% reflectivity
Current draw400Mah max. [24VDC] 60CmA max. (24VAC)
Vertical Mounting height50ft. (15m) max
Horizontal Mounting height28 in. (0.7m) (recommended)
Camera control output N.O 28 VDC, 0.2 A x 4 outputs
Master alarm output from C, 28 VDC, 0.2 A max.
Trouble output from C, 28 VDC, 0.2 A max.
Tamper Output N.C. 28 VDC, 0.2 A max.
Alarm period Approx. 2 sec, Off timer
Operating temperature 4 to + 140"F (20 lo 60C)
IP ratingIP65
Dimensions (Hx W x D13.2x5.7x6.1 h.(334x 144 x 155 mm)
Weight 141 oz. (4kg)


See the Webpage or Ready to Buy


Credit Card or Paypal (with membership you have a 6 month payment option. "Same as Cash")

Manufacturer Agency Online Catalogs: Amtel Access Control (Access & Automated Parking Lot Revenue), Telesys (IP Door), 2N (Cell Router), Skorpion (Beams), Cell-Eye-Remote (GSM Cellular Camera), Optex (Sensors, Detectors & Beams), Aiphone (Building Entry & Door Intercom) Viking,(Building & Door) RedXDefense (Explosives Detectors), Comm-Port (Under Car CCTV-below) United Security (Voice Dialers) Bosch Cameras, and


Bioscrypt Finger-Scan Door Entry

Bioscrypt 4G V-Flex Fingerprint Readers (end-of-life) Discontinued


Being replaced by better IP Integrated Solution

(Next few days through May 2017, Suggested Retail $499)


$550-$850 USD (6-Models) Shipping Worldwide
BioScrypt's 4G V-Flex Biometric Fingerprint Reader Base Model w/ Secugen Sensor by L1 Identity Solutions (formerly BioScrypt) is the best choice when looking for the power and versatility of a V-Station, while still requiring a compact form factor device.

Despite it's size, the 4G V-Flex still provides a very large template capacity at 10,000 in 1:N; 500,000 in 1:1, field replaceable sensors, backwards compatibility, Standalone Door Access Control (SDAC) Capabilities, plus other great benefits.
The 4G V-Flex doesn't sacrifice speed either, as it still searches 6,000 templates a second
, ensuring your employees will be granted access in seconds and with support for the newest communication standards in IP Connectivity, you'll be able to reduce maintenance costs by utilizing existing IT infrastructure

Read more about it

Bosch IP Camera PTZ

Bosch "Flexidome" tm- Indoor IP Camera $489.95 [Outdoor IP Camera with Night-Vision & PTZ $695]

See the CCTV Center (Selling Cameras since our first install 1985 CBS News TV Building, Washington, DC)

Operating in the Hallways of Gov. agencies worldwide.


How about a GSM Cellular "Live Camera" or a "Live (5) Snap-Shot Camera" tm ? [Both need a SIM Card]


Trango Wireless CCTV (Analogue) up to 10km

Trango Wireless CCTV Point-to-Point up to 7 miles/ 9 km See our CCTV website? WiFi, IP and Wireless or GSM CDMA Cellular?


 Car Barriers (Bollard) & Under-Car Camera Inspection & GSM Mobile Jammer (eMail for details)


              Under Car Inspection HD Cameras with 950 Lumens


Heard about Delta Scientific?


Delta TT-280 Crash GateDelta TT-280


Bollards to Barrier & Crash Gates, they put "Made" into "Made in America"


Radio Frequency Jammer                                Arrestor Road Barrier (pop-up)

Frequency Jammers                                                                    Road Barriers

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