XPAK G2: Portable Explosives Trace Detection Units


Introducing XCAT Handheld


RedXDefense XCAT Handheld Police Specialty Detector (Gun Blast Residue)


Incorporates the latest solutions to Home-made & Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) & Shotgun Residue


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XPAK G2 The latest solution for home-made & improvised Explosive Devices


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Introducing the next generation XPAK with capability to detect Homemade Explosives. The XPAK G2 is a rugged, affordable, and user-friendly portable trace explosives detection system. In less than a day, users can learn to collect and identify trace explosives on people, vehicles, bags, and packages.

Portable - Ideal for Force Protection and Special Operations.
Versatile - Detects a wide range of explosives.
Affordable Performance - Sensitive trace detection at an affordable price.
Rugged - Excels under realistic field conditions.
Fast - Ready immediately with no warm-up or calibration; analysis in seconds.
Convenient - System, supplies and chargers in one rugged case.

XPak G2 Portable Explosive Detector RedXDefense

XPAK® Applications


Routine entrance screening - Quickly sample people at entrances to bases, embassies, buildings, power plants, airports, stadiums, events, and facilities

Spot screening - Randomly screen people and/or their belongings when routine entrance screening is impractical or unnecessary.

Vehicle screening - Screen vehicles at checkpoints or delivery entrances

Screening large numbers of hand-carried items - Screen luggage, briefcases, bags, and other hand-carried items at airports, bus terminals, and other arrival and departure points.

Screening mailed and shipped items - Screen letters, packages, and shipping crates arriving at embassies, mailrooms, government facilities, or large shipping facilities.

Threat-based screening - On-site screening of people, vehicles, unattended packages, or mailed/shipped items in response to a threat.

Information gathering - Gather information about bomb-making activities

 Detection Principle - Fluor Metric Detection

 Explosives Detected - TNT, DNT, RDX, PETN, HMX, Semtex, Tetryl, C4, PE -4, COMP B, Deta sheet, Prima sheet, Det cord, Prima cord, Picric Acid, TNB, DNB, Nitroglycerin

NEW HME Capability: Homemade Explosives.[Inquire with RedX about additional detection capabilities]

 Sampling Capabilities - Trace Particulates

 Sampling Applications People, vehicles, packages, bags, surfaces

 Time to Sample/Analyze - Detection in less than 15 sec.*

 Calibration - None required

 Warm-up Time - None required

 Consumables - Detection ink, detection paper

 Power Source - Rechargeable Li-ion battery (charger included)

 Operating Temp. Range 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C) may vary based on local weather, climate, altitude

 Dimensions - 18" x 12.5" x 4.25" (Height x Width x Depth)





XCAT tm Portable Instant Detection


The XCAT handheld detection system, which has just been selected as one of the year’s12 Really Cool New Police Products by the POLICE® magazine, features automated, one-step detection of homemade and high explosives, and gunshot residue.
Use the XCAT for sampling suspicious substances on hands, vehicles, packages and surfaces.


 Explosives, and GSR detection in a single platform
 Red-Light/Green-Light result
 No interpretation, no color charts, no spraying, no chemical exposure
 Rugged for field use
 Detection library expandable
 Rechargeable Li-ion battery


  • Optical Detection Method

  • Analysis 10-90 Seconds

  • Power Up 20 seconds

  • Consumables use one per scan (under $5.00 ea)

  • Battery L-Ion 7 Hours (Car & Wall Charger)

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