Motion Activated Alarms for Pools, Marinas, Driveways, Warehouses, Remote Property

United Security Annunciator 1000 (RCTD20u)

Annuciator 1000


Design Versatility

Description: RC-10 Chime Box w/ Relay

Description: TD-10 Sensor Transmitter

Retail $249.95 Your cost $189.95 ($9.95 UPS Shipping) one transmitter and one receiver

Two (2) Transmitter and one (1) receiver package $279.95 (with UPS)

Transmitter/Receiver Options

Skorpion Invisible (Virtual) Fence Motion Sensors (Wired)

$70.00 Pair and up Click Here (4/8/10) per box

Skorpion Dual Beam Motion Sensor Invisible Fence Alarm

GSM CCTV Camera & Alarm (6 inputs)

$499.00 Special Click Here (see the Brochure, User Manual, Spec. details & 3 Videos)

(Remote view by Website or You call it or it calls your Cell or store to SD Card)

GSM Cellular CCTV Camera & Alarm (6 inputs)

Pool-Tronix Solar Powered Water Motion & Pool Alarm $399.95 USD (Complete Kit plus $19.95 UPS)

Solar Pool & Water Motion Alarm

     Panic Button                        Inside House Alarm                      Keychain Remote

Connect any of above to the AVD-45B Voice Dialer (4 numbers) $169.95  plus $8.95 UPS Ground USA
AVD-45 Voice Dialer (4 #)

Read More AVD_45.Pdf

Optex Wireless Beams
(4-year Battery) & Inside Receiver to Chime

Inovonics by Optex. Made in USA                                       

Spatial Horizontal or Vertical

Example- 40' x 50' Pool-Single Photo Beam mounted at 8-10' high acts as a "Invisible Pool Alarm Cover" and send a wireless signal back to the Guard House or Your House (300-500 feet max without a booster). Solutions avg. priced from $499-$899

For a hyper-sensitive solution, a bit expensive, consider a LASER BEAM

Optex 'Redscan' Laser Security Beam

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