Lorex PoE CAT 5/6 Cable (up to 400ft) Smart Motion (Car v Human), Video Camera System   Read about it


Lorex Motion Detection Active Deterrence Camera   




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Skorpion & Optex Long-Range Wired Beams & Optex Inovonics Long-Range Wireless Beams (4-year Battery)

Special Offer (through Sept 30, 2020 : Properties averaging up to 200' x 100' ? Installation available, if needed.

Complete Systems including Four (4) Sensor Beam Pair (100 feet range) & Four (4) Sensor Beam Pair (200 feet),


Control Box for up to eight (8) wired Beams & Outbound alert to your Cell Phone by SMS (Text Message) All inclusive--$1095.00 (Skorpion Beams-China) or $1,595.00 (Optex America-USA) with plus shipping (and VAT or Sales Tax where required).


This configuration gives you a square-shaped Beam at two (2) heights -say 3ft & 6ft along your property line, replicating a metal fence which we refer to as a "Virtual Fence" tm, The Sensor Beams are wired back to a Control Box with a Text message Alert unit attached (GSM Cellular or Wireline).


The Box also powers the attached Beams, so only the Box & Alert need power-[Electric 110v, 12v, Battery or Solar]. You can also attach a Strobe Light with Siren $89.


Thus, when the Sensor Beams are 'tripped' by a Human, the Control Box is activated, setting off the Strobe, Siren, Horn, Voice Dialer or SMS-Text Messenger attached.

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Trying to protect a "Secure" location, from Ports to Borders to Government Buildings? Explosives Detection, Under Car Inspection, Jammers?

FLIR by Lorex Thermal Camera with Night-Vision




READ THE MANUAL (25mb GoogleDocs) No password needed


Lorex PoE CAT 5/6 Cable (up to 1000ft) Smart Motion (Car v Human), Video Camera System   Read about it


Lorex Motion Detection Active Deterrence Camera   


Try FORTRESS FACILITY. For Secure Building Access Control
, Parking Lots & Warehouses to Refineries & Mines

SMS Text Alert via GSM Cellular from any 2-wire output device (like an Alarm Box, Fence or Perimeter Sensors
. Check it out

GSM Cellular Text SMS Message Alert (Needs a local SIM)

Mini-Micro-Pinhole-Surveillance Cameras

CS-1X40M 720P USB OTG UVC Tube Snake Camera


150ft to 1500ft $495-$2,995.00 (Discounts for multiple pair)

FETN Lasers

SIM PAL G4 Snapshot (5) Camera

SIM Pal G4 GSM Wireless Snap Shot Camera & Alarm System Read about it here




Dakota Solar Beams

Dakota Solar Wireless Photo Electric Sensor Beams (up to 300 feet) $269-$329

Complete package (4-pair) with indoor receiver Chime $995-$1249

Wireless Alert (up to 8) Ranges up to 800 feet

Wireless Motion Alert

  • Alerts with light and sound when vehicles or pedestrians are approaching
  • Easy installation/ easy operation
  • Weatherproof outdoor sensor with adjustable sensitivity control
  • Expandable up to 8 sensors
  • Includes 1 base unit and 1 sensor
  • Half mile range from sensor to base unit
  • Pricing starts at $69. per pair

Grandstream IP Cameras


Grandstream IP CCTV Camera

  • High quality 1.2 Megapixel CMOS sensors and vari-focal HD lens with DC-IRIS, convenient to zoom or focus without opening the case
  • Advanced multi-streaming rate real-time H.264, Motion JPEG at 1080p resolutions in full frame rate
  • Pre/post event recording buffer
  • Support Motion Detection and Notification on PC client
  • Support both variable bit rate and variable frame rate
  • Built-in high performance streaming server to allow at least 4 simultaneous viewers
  • Integrated Power-over-Ethernet (802.3af) PoE
  • Full ONVIF conformance with extensions in the near future
  • Pricing from $289.95


Helios "Vario" IP Entry

2N Telecom (Czech) Helios-IP Vario, Force, Safety

Products and Services

GSM (Cellular) CCTV Camera
GSM Cellular Camera & Alarm
Swimming Pool Solar Powered with Remote

Solar Swimming Pool Alarm
GSM Alarm & Backup
GSM Alert via SMS
Dakota Alarm System
Optex Laser Beams (scattered pattern)
(Controlled Sale)

Long-Range Lasers

Optex Laser Beam 100ft x 190 degrees (Controlled Sale) 
900mhz & 2.4Ghz Lorex & SecurityMan tm
Lorex Wireless & WiFi Camera Systems
Security Cameras
Wired, Wireless 2.4Ghz, Internet IP, WiFi & P2P
Wireless Cameras
Door Entry & Phones Aiphone Viking Panasonic(Analogue) Wired/Wireless
IP Wireless WiFi Camera  Sound, Remote PTZ Controls (iPhone App)

 Camera back view (IP WiFi Camera)
Door Entry Intercom Chamberlain (Wireless), Aiphone (Video), Viking

Elevator & Emergency Phone No keypad, autodial

Viking 1600
GSM Cellular (SMS) Camera & Alarm. Live Android & iPhone

Photo Coming
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$295-$495 (China)
Camera with DVR Store on PC, SMS send & SD Card

4-Camera Wireless 2.4Ghz Camera System with Monitor
"Security Man" WiFi Cam
Fence Protection Sensor Cable  Razr-Flex (USA)

Skorpion Beams:
Fence, Wall 90-650 ft (30-200 meter)

Dakota Alert [Driveway]
Dakota Long-Range (Base or Radio)
(Entry & Driveway)

Dakota Wireless Rubber Hose Alert
Optex Wireless
Driveway & Yard Sensor (RTDT20U)

Optex Motion Sensors
Cypher Lock Door Entry
ReliTouch Bio Cipher Door Handle Entry Lock
ReliTouch Bio-Fingerprint Cipher Door Handle Lock for Win
Door Entry Voice Announcer, Bioscrypt Fingerprint Reader

Access Control,
Door & Building Entry

Amtel Access Control-Elevator, Building, Parking Lot
Hotline Dialer Intercom Phone

Visitor & Access Cards

Amtel Visitor Entry & Control System
Intercom & Entry

Aiphone Intercom & Door Entry
Viking Building Entry

Door Entry
United Security
Voice Dialers,
Cellular Backup
Optex Online Catalog

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High Tech Departments
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Surveillance & Countermeasure:
Cameras (CCTV), "Remote Look-in", Recorders, Detectors, Encryption &

Scrambler, Metal & Bomb Detector, Night Vision, Intrusion Detection

Shoplifting &  Theft Prevention, Wireless & Wired Alarm, Sensors, Driveway Alarm,

Access Control via (Card, Chip, Photo ID) and Biometrics (retina, facial, voice, finger), 

Telecommunication: GSM Factory Unlocked Phones Office Telephones & PBX Systems , Payphone, Intercom, Caller-ID, 
Cordless, 2-Way Radios, Building Entry, Elevator, Cellular & Sat Phone (End User),

Long-Range Cordless, Auto-Attendant & Voicemail, Mobile Dealers

Disability & Assistive Devices:
Emergency Medical Phone, TDD,  Voice-Dialing Phone, Clarity-Walker Specialty Phones

Alerts (phone, door, fire).....

Name-Brand & Custom-Made, Laptops & Notebooks, Netbook & PDA, 
Printers & Scanners Software, Peripherals &  Interfaces, Touch Screen
Business System Workstations:
Desktop Publishing & Web Mastering, Kiosks, Computer-Aided-Design (CAD),

Point-Of-Sale (POS)......

Environmental & Clean Power Generation  
Clean Air & Water Solutions, Solar-Panels & Power Solutions,

Diesel and Natural Gas Generators, Wind TurbinesPerimeter Security Alarms Dept.

Retail Store Equipment:
Credit Card Reader & Printer, Bar-coding & Point-of-Sale (POS), Mirrors,

Cash Registers....Click Here for .Shoplifting OR Cameras (cctv)

Office Equipment:
Time Clocks , Shredders, Calculators & Organizers, Copiers, Collator & Burster,

Check Writers & Signers

Global Services Group:
800& 900 numbers, Long-Distance Discount Calling, Merchant Service, Telephone

Install & Repair, Consulting, Internet Translation

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