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Available Models- Compare FS1/EP800 v FS2/EP802 PDF

Engenius Freestyl2 EP801                  EP800 is Engenius Freestyl2 with Durafon Handset                  

    EP801 retail box    SP922 SP436         Engenius Freestyl 1

Discontinued Models: SN358, SN358+ (Batteries & Antenna in-stock), SN458, SN568, SN868, Alcon 73BH, Alcon 7SS

Note: Prices shown do NOT include shipping to buyers outside 48 USA States & Ground UPS or USPS within 48. Chat, Call, IM, or eMail for a complete Invoice

Engenius Senao Durafon



USA: NYC +1-646-209-2375 English  Miami +1-786-556-4858 Espanol, Italiano, Portuguese

 South Africa +27 (0)74 284-8888 English, German, Dutch, French, Belge, Afrikaans

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