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Closed-Circuit TV 2010

Cameras (via IP, Point-to-Point, Analog)  & Lenses, Switchers & Controllers, "Remote Look-In" & DVR & PTZ Camera

WOW ! A complete Digital CCTV Micro-Camera Solution using a tiny SD Card 16gb Multimedia Video Recorder Read more

GSM CCTV Cellular Camera: Wireless Alarm inputs, Images via MMS, Live Server Access, Remote Laptop, SMS

(Images via GSM Quad Cell Camera) pictured below

Day/Night Network Camera and V
Your Price: $189.95
Weight: 1.2lbs
Length: 13in
Width: 12.5in
Height: 3.5in

IP Camera allows 8-users same time

Day/night network camera with 2 channel video server
- View and record video from any internet connected PC
- Video server supports up to 2 cameras
- MJPEG video compression
- Stream video images directly to the internet without the need for a computer
- LCD display unit (network port ID, subnet mask, gateway)
- Resolution: 320x240
- Up to 20FPS frame rate
- 2 USB ports for PC camera
- USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant
- Built-in web server
- 32-Bit RISC CPU
- 1MB Flash memory
- 8MB Dynamic memory
- 8 User account/password
- Server dimensions: 1.9" x 2.5" x 8"
- Server weight: .17lbs
- For indoor use only
- Color VGA sensor with 350,000 pixels
- Infrared LED function aids in nighttime vision (effective distance 6.5')
- Adjustable focus lens
- Camera dimensions: 1.3" x 3" x 2.2"
- Camera weight: .33lbs
- Software included

Complete Package for Cameras & DVR $549.95 plus $50 EMS Shipping to your door
H.264 4-Channel DVR, including VGA/ Network/ Audio/ Mouse

4× I-R CCD Cameras 81242-41N with bracket (
1/4"Sony CCD,3.6mm Lens)

 1× 5 Channel Power Distribution Wire
 1×Power Supply
 1×Iinfra-Red Controller
 4× 18 meter cable
                                                    $549.00 Package & $50 EMS (to your door)
                               DVR Alone $299.95 & $50 EMS shipping

4CH H.264 Hexaplex real time standard DVR                 

Display Resolution: N:720×480 P:720×576

Support                                                                                    N: D1@30fps , H-D1@ 60fps,CIF@ 120fps
P: D1@25fps , H-D1@ 50fps,CIF @ 100fps 

upports 4Ch simultaneous playback

Video: BNC 4CH in / 1CH out / Spot out
Audio:1CH in / 1CH  out / ADPCM

Sensor & Alarm: 4 input,1output(alarm)

SATA HDD × 1  500GB 

1 USB 2.0 Port for USB 2.0  flash disks, DVD+RW,DVD+R, card readers, HDD,etc                               

Network:1RJ-45 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connector

IR Remote control & PS/2 Mouse & PTZ :RS-485                    
3G Mobile Surveillance& Email function CMS function VGA with KEY

Very Cool ! Latest Wireless Color CCTV from Lorex

Curious are you? Why not? It's the latest, tiny, portable Color Wireless Camera and Portable Color Monitor. $249.95+ or 2-Camera $349.95+ S&H. Read more....

  Item Number: TV984  
  Price: $179.95 plus S&H  
  Weight: 3.80  
LCD Flat Panel Video and Sound Monitor
- Automatic infrared night vision
- Flat screen tilts for easy viewing
- Volume, brightness, color, and contrast control
- High resolution portable camera (in battery mode)
- 900MHz, Cordless Frequency (up to 400ft. range)
- Extra large 5.5" Color TFT LCD display
- Slim, lightweight design, only 1.25" deep
- External camera antenna provides maximum clarity
- 2 Channels
- Includes cable so you can view image on TV
- Optional audio only mode
- Wall mount on camera and receiver
- Expandable, works with 2 cameras
- Optional switching feature when 2 cameras are used
- Requires 6 AA batteries for portable camera mode (not included)
- 1 Year manufacturer's warranty
- Includes: 1 camera, 1 receiver, 2 AC adapters, 1 A/V cable, wall mounting supplies,

Modular Systems by Lorex for Entrance areas with tiny, white, round camera w/built-in mike. Indoor receiver box which connects to TV channel 3/4. Lorex Door Camera Unit (left) & Indoor Chime (right)Motion detector below camera sets off chime in receiver box. 65 ft. cable, 1/3" 3.8mm lens $169.95 "Turns any TV into an Observation System"

                Monitor with 4-live camera view and sound Lorex Night Vision CCTV with DVR

Lorex Wireless CCTV with 7 inch Flat Screen Monitor

Wireless CCTV with Night Vision by Lorex with 2-way Sound $699.95 (with 2 Outdoor Cameras)

Packaged Systems: Incl. Monitor (9"-17"), Switcher (1,2,3,4) or Quad (4-live images), Camera, Lens, Cable, Mount Wired or Wireless $395-995.00 (Lorex Quad pictured here is $595 with 4 Cameras, with unique motion detector feature which brings active image to full screen).

Cameras: Sony, JVC, Toshiba, GBC, Philips/Burle, Goldbeam, Panasonic, Chinon, RCA, Ultrak...Color Only & B/W Only, China Direct

Mini Cameras: COHU, Panasonic, JVC, Watec. Palm sized, Fiber Tube, Motorized w/remote control $399-$3000.00 

Hidden Cameras: Smoke Detector, Motion Detector-PIR (looks like it's part of your alarm System w/color unit & sound), Wall Clock, Exit Sign $299-689....Motion Detector-Outside Porch Light with hidden Camera! $399.

Board Cameras: Single $199-389, Custom Packaged (Gym Bag, Tie, Briefcase, Wristwatch, Beeper/Pager, Eyeglasses) (File Folder, Video Cassette Recorder, Camera-in-Book) Prices range $349-4000.

Transmitter & Receivers

Wireless Camera (small as a car alarm remote!) 900mhz (up to 1000 feet), 2-channel, $1250...Same with AUDIO $1495.(9-14vdc power, .5 lux, built-in 380 line camera) Goldbeam: 900mhz Wireless Camera w/mike transmits to 7" TV Monitor w/receiver & 3-position switcher built-in $399.Xtra Cameras $249. New from China click here

Goldbeam 2.4ghz  Wireless transmitter camera (78o wide-angle) sends signal up to 300 feet to receiver with 4-position switcher, hooks up to your TV. $259 b/w $359 color Extra Cameras $199 b/w $299 color (can have 4-cam to 4-rec with own frequency to quad monitor) Also-12Volt "RF-Link"up to 300ft 2.4ghz b/w $399 (use any camera)

Latest wireless with camera combined: Clock Radio, Radio, Solar Power Panel, 7500ft. Transmitter

Click Here for link to detailed specifications pageDynapix "InView" 2.4Ghz Transmitter and Receiver (LED Signal Strength Indicator) pair offers full-motion color video and audio, with "line of sight" up to 2-mile (low power to 250mw allows IN-2000 1m & IN-2500 1--10m feet), 3-Channel switch, NTSC 525 Line, PAL & Secam 625 Line Resolution, Current 500ma max w/12-16vdc, Weight 16oz. Dimensions-1.375 x 3.65 x 5.575, and 3-antenna options $2995  New options just released include 5.3 Ghz (unlicensed) for line of sight up to 12 miles. $4-7,000.

Trango goes wild with new line of 900mhz-2.4ghz from 1-12 mile and from below $1495 up., and now with a new focus on the Internet and IP Technologies as WiFi & WiMax with Motorola Canape.

Also featuring wireless options by-
Premier Wireless and Microtek "Mini-Link" and Videocom in 900mhz & 2.4ghz

"Remote Look-in"


1). Twisted Pair up to 3000 feet $995+ , Via Coax w/booster, via Electric Power cable

2).  Internet (POTS or ISDN) options for dial-up via live ".com" (TCP/IP) server $949 by AXIS;or  up to either four (4) $1695 (plus software $895) or eight (8) cameras with Prism. To see sample sites? click here 

3).Dial-Up with a remote PC (complete enclosed system) for 4/8/15 cameras and view @10-15fps with a laptop from anywhere in the world via Regular Phone, Satphone, Long-Range Cordless, Cellular, Long-Range Comm, or TCP/IP ......$895+ (Server PC and Viewer-CD)

4). China Speed Dome $995.00USD Price Breakthrough (Replaces Novex & Brazilian Tele-Kallpys) Click Here

5) Longse of China now offers a great low-priced Image Board & DVR option for 4-8-16 Cameras or Remote PTZ Camera

6). Prism Video "plug and play" for 4-cameras starting @ $1695 Remote Software $895

This is the solution for up to 4-cameras remote via Phone or NetColor/black & white transmitter with four video inputs and built-in standard analog modem. Includes external 5 volt DC power supply. MicroVIEW  receiver software ( $895) allows for plug-and-play video monitoring capability.

This is a complete "look-in" solution including the transmitter and receiver software. Load the software onto your modem equipped Windows® 95 computer and view live video transmitted over standard telephone lines.

Weighs under 2 pounds and measures 6.5"w x8.25"d x2"h. Two-year parts and labor depot warranty. (click here)                               . 


How about connecting four cameras to your Laptop via PCMCIA card? (Click Here)

Switchers: 2-4-8-12-16-32-64 Cameras $199 up

Nightvision by Litton Industries Offering "IntelliVu"tm Auto Day/Night Camera adapters range $3,000-8,000.
Just out! UF500 Infrared, Weather Protected, Covert and Semi-Covert Night Time Illuminator (click here)

New Tracing Technology allows image isolation of one targetDigital Video Motion Detector by ATV $649...Goldbeam $599 or ICU with amazing "Tracing" which allows for 1). a white outlining and separation of animate and inanimate objects/subjects $1495; 2). isolation of one person for easier observation $1695, "Back-Walkers" for those walking against the flow of traffic (shoplifting, force protection, anti-terrorism) $1995

Quad Processor: Goldbeam or APRO-controls four cameras to one monitor-live w/call-up to full screen. $599

Multiplexers: 8-channel ATV $1195 (allows 8-cameras "live" w/9th frame for time/date. "Call up" any image to full-screen.

Digital Video Recorders :  Stand-Alone Machine or DVR PC Board

Monitors: 9" $149.95, 12" $199, 15" $299, 15" 1000line res.w/built-in 4-pos.switcher $495, 17" $395-695, 17" Quad built-in $899 Ultrack, 20" w/1000 line res. $495

Housings: Outdoor...Plastic/Metal $89-199 With Heater/Blower (contact us pls. these are custom part numbers)

Latest Fast-Motion Camera (click here)
Introducing the new "PTZ Speed Dome" by Longse

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Access Control: Parking Lot, Building, Apartments, Swipe Card, Wireless, Biometric

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