Lorex FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera...see in the DARK

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Lorex FLIR   FLIR side view



Thermal Dog FLIR   See through by FLIR   No Hiding FLIR  

Samples from compete DARKNESS picking up the heat signature

See in the Dark

See in the Dark, well beyond "Night Vision"


READ THE MANUAL (25mb GoogleDocs) No password needed

Comes bundled with Lorex (FLIR) combo packages-including Monitor, DVR, 1-2 Thermal Cameras and 4-6-14 HD-Bullet Cameras 1080p

Retails $1095-$1295......Your Cost $969.00 & $30.99 UPS Ground

8 Channel HD Security System with Thermal Camera and 4 HD 1080p Cameras

Departments: All CCTV    Mini-Micro OTG (For Android)

Cellular: GSM 2/3G 3/4G-Solar SnapShot 3G   Elevator   Hidden-Concealed

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