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GSM & CDMA Desktop Speaker Phone (SIM Inserted or RUIM/NON-RUIM):

A Market Overview

Phone, Speakerphone, Fax G3, PC Fax, GPRS, 2nd Extension Phone, SMS, Qwerty Keyboard

 NOABE (Czech Republic)

Office Phone System Cellular SIM-based & Android Desktop

Essence by Jablocom              Raven by Jablocom
$325-$399 USD                           $210-$249 USD

GSM SIM Inserted Speakerphone Conference Phone       Konftel GSM 300 M World's Largest Cell Phone Conference Speakerphone (SIM Insert)

Huawei China   
  GSM Desktop Speakerphone ships from China direct to your door.
GSM Speakerphone & Cordless      Teltonika

We have taken a good look @ the GSM Desktop Speakerphone market. (CDMA 800mhz & 1900mhz now available too)

Elderly-Sometimes forget to charge mobile handheld, forget it at home, trouble using features (IE: speed dial, forward, divert).

Business- Small Office/Home Office (SOHO). Use a Desktop for their 'Wireless Line'. You can also use either a Cellular Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT) and or an Adapter & connect a 2-line Speakerphone. Line 1 can be your Magic Jack & Line 2 Cellular. No landline at all. Many are now requesting Internet (EVDO/Edge/GPRS 85-144kbps) via a rear port-Db-9 RS232 or USB or RJ-45

Health-There is also a growing awareness that handheld mobiles are not safe, with such hi-frequencies next to your head...
Here is the link for the latest show with this topic: Cell Phone Radiation Damage Dr. Debra Davis

(91.3FM "Topical Currents" National Public Radio Southern Miami)

Vacation Homes, Trade Shows, Construction Trailer, EMS Vehicle, Nursing Home, Commercial Offices.....

Remember, using your own Cell Phone means keeping & using your "Contact List". If it is stored on the SIM or Handset.

#1 Cell Terminal combined with any phone (Desktop, Wall, Speakerphone, Cordless), plugged in (Made in Czech Republic). Insert the SIM, (GSM T-Mobile, ATT, U.S Cellular, Cingular). $399.95 & CDMA $599.95

Attach up to three Phones (with Ringer) or Cordless, Answering Machine, Voice Dialer Alarm, Remote Control Sensors-NO Fax or Credit Card Readers)


#2 Cell Terminal combined with any phone plugged in (Made in USA) Real Dialtone Sound! Connects & rings up to five (5) Phones. 2-Year Warranty. Works for CDMA (Sprint, U.S Cellular, Alltel & Verizon) and GSM (T-Mobile, Cingular, Cellular One, ATT) $499.95-$599.95 (fob USA) Read about it


#3 Bluetooth to your Cell combined with any phone plugged in. (FOB USA) MyLink Gigaset (3 Cell Phones and one Landline) $84.95 or Phone Labs "Dock n' Talk" 149.95 See them all here

#4 Bluetooth the Konftel 60W to your Handheld Cell (GSM/CDMA) or Konftel 300M SIM inserted Desktop Speakerphones (below)

Konftel 300M World's First GSM Audio-Conference Phone

Konftel 300M "World's Largest GSM Cell Phone" Professional Quality Audio Conference (insert SIM)

#5 Bluetooth Panasonic Cordless #6582 with Cell Interface. Link Home/Office Lines & 2 Cell Phones GSM/CDMA Read all about it

AmAmazingly, this new unit DOES read your Cell Contact List directory & Pair to your Headset !

GSM & CDMA Desktop Speakerphone (Countries of Origin FOB)


TX-882 Fixed Wireless Terminal: Dual Band GSM Telephone
TX-883 Fixed Wireless Terminal: Tri Band GSM Telephone



The TX-882 and TX-883 are targeted for locations where wired communications infrastructure is not available or not viable. It can be used in any location covered by a GSM Network.

They are also a perfect choice to be used as fixed wireless telephone at home or office, particularly when most of the conversations are mobile numbers.




Dual Band or Tri Band: 900/1800/1900MHz GSM
Hands-Free Speaker Phone
Large back lighted display (128 x 64 pixels)
Multi-languages on display (UK, DE, ES, FR, IT, RU, ID, CN)
Call logging
Service indicators
Network indicator
Ring indicator
Call Waiting
Message indicator
SMSMS send and receive with multitap text input
SIM toolkit r>SIM lock
Phonebook (100 Groups)
Desk or wall mountable
Battery backup
600mAH Li-Ion battery with built-in charger
Power adaptor (5V AC)

Single Piece Order-Sale to either end-user or Reseller/Dealer/Importer SAMPLES cost $199.00 to $495.00 USD F FOB Manufacturer Warehouse(Upon volume order, difference in cost for sample is credited/refunded). Large volumes 500-5000 quoted with production schedule and delivery date. Samples ship within 3-5 days up to 7-10 days, depending on originating country.


World's Only GSM Speakerphone & Cordless Combor>GSM Speakerphone & Cordless
Read more here (1000maH 5v Battery Back-up) Ships from Australia (100 units +), Dubai, UAE and EU.





Siemens Euroset


Siemens Euroset Basic & Advanced (GPRS)

New and Factory Re-Furbished (1-2 Year Warranty)

Basic Model $299.99 (single sample) $59.99 (EMS Airmail Germany to USA) Read More (Voice)  Fedex, UPS, DHL Extra

Advanced Model $489.00 (single sample) $59.99 (EMS Airmail Germany to USA) Read More (Voice, SMS, Remote Control, PC Interface)

OUR SUGGESTION (If $ is not your only concern?)

Czech Republic
 Most featured phone available. $349.00 FOB Canada or Euro 259.00 FOB Europe

Qwerty Keyboard, SMS, GPRS (85-144kbps) RJ45 Internet, RJ-11 for PSTN Analog Extension Phone, RJ-11 PC Fax {3G Version Only}

GDP-04A $349.95 Basic Unit (Shipping Point FOB)

Canada CAN$ (Purchase & Delivery in CANADA ONLY) $349.95 plus $25 Shipping

United States $ (Purchase from Canada shipping to 48 USA) $349.95 plus $25 Shipping

[Shipping to Americas? YES Espanol, Si Bueno! eMail for price]

European Community (EC) Euro (Shipping from Oslo, Norway) EUR 259 plus EUR 70 Shipping

(Are you in Norway? Payment in Krona & Shipping= EUR 25 eMail Us)

United Kingdom Pound Sterling (Shipping from Oslo) PS 230 plus PS 50 Shipping

Jablocom GDP-04 iG (3G) $489.95 Internet 3G Ask us for Info

United Kingdom



Telecom FM  $299 Sale Priced $249.99 USD FOB UK  


Frida by Possio, Sweden

Quad frequency 850/900/1800/1900 GSM Cellular

Full Duplex Speakerphone





Worldwide Sales ships from Dublin. $299.95 Retail October Sale priced $249.95 USD FOB Warehouse (Volume pricing available)

Frida Options

DPH-200 V301........ $199.95 FOB (UK or Norway)
DPH-401 3G........... $299.95 FOB (UK or Norway)

Introducing the Konftel 300M: GSM SIM inserted Audio-Conference Phone (Re-Chargeable Lithium-Ion Battery)

"The World's Largest Cell Phone"

Retail $1195.00 USD Your Cost $995.00 plus UPS (USA 48)

(Ships direct-to-your-door from the warehouse closest to you worldwide-send your Postal Code/Country for exact cost)

Konftel 300M "World's Largest GSM Cell Phone" Professional Quality Audio Conference (insert SIM)

Konftel 300M – the conference phone for the mobile office

Read the PDF

300W connects to Cell & VoIP via Cable/USB and 60W Connects to Cell via Bluetooth


  • Connects to mobile networks (via Cell Carrier provided SIM chip)
    USA is T Mobile, Cellular One  & ATT
  • OmniSound® 2.0 – a sensational crystal-clear sound
  • Rechargeable battery (up to 30 hours of talk time)
  • Konftel charging cradle included
  • USB computer connection for VoIP calls
  • Several connection options, mobile and USB

Read the PDF

  • Line mode for switching or combining connections
  • User-friendly menu system
  • Keypad and clear display screen
  • Conference guide simplifies conference calls
  • Record your meetings on an SD memory card
  • Supports expansion microphones
  • Future-proof – can be upgraded
  • 2-year guarantee
Konftel 300M is a conference phone for mobile networks with 30 hours of talk time, making it perfect for companies with a mobile office solution. Put simply, a large mobile phone with crystal-clear sound thanks to OmniSound® 2.0. Smart functions such as recording, SMS, conference guide and line mode that can switch and combine calls via mobiles and a computer USB connection. Can be supplemented with expansion microphones for really large meetings. Future-proof – can be upgraded.
900102113Expansion microphones (1 pair), expands the voice pickup range from 30 up to 70 m2. Two lengths of cable supplied, 1.5 and 2.5 metres.
900102083Storage and transport case. Specially-designed black nylon case. Pockets for expansion microphones and cables. Exterior pocket for documents.
900102084Metal wall mounting bracket. Screws supplied.
900102093SD memory card 2.0 GB. For recording around 70 hours of calls.
900102096Battery charger for 2 batteries (900102095). AC adapter 100-240 V AC/14 V DC, 1.5 M, switched. EU, GB and US plug included.
900103384Security cable with key lock. Suitable for the security slot in the Konftel 300 series. Cable length: 1.7 metres. Supplied with key.
900103386Extension cable, electrical, 7.5 metres. EIJA-5320 class IV.
900103401Connection cable, electrical 7.5 metres. EIJA-5320 class IV.
Spare parts
900102094Konftel charging cradle. Transformer (900102079) not supplied.
900102095Smart Battery 5200 mAh, 1-year guarantee.
900102079AC adapter 100-240 V AC/14 V DC, 1.5 A, switched. European and British plug
840102079AC adapter 100-240 V AC/14 V DC, 1.5 A, switched. USA plug.
900103388USB cable 2.0, type A-B mini, length 1.5 m. Connected to computer for VoIP calls.

As for Fixed Wireless Wall Terminals (FWT), here is the hottest.

Terminal with PBX Interface & Least Cost Routing $299-499.00 USD or Easygate G3 PC-Fax $395.00
Adapter or Peripherals (Connect your Bluetooth enabled Cell/Mobile) output to PSTN Wired Phone Company RJ11 Modular Plug

PLUG IN YOUR OWN SPEAKERPHONE or PBX. What about a 2-line Phone? Line 1 wire (phone company) and Line 2 (your Bluetooth enabled-cell)?
Then your calls are cell 2 cell, like ATT to ATT in USA is free. $84.95 USD & $7.95 UPS Ground $149.95  
All these and more options are located here:


CONTACT US (Shipping from the manufacturer to your door worldwide)

NYC +1-347-822-7106  Miami +1 786 556 4858 Espanol   SA +27-074-284-8888 Phone & WhatsApp, Signal

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Surveillance & Countermeasure:
Cameras (CCTV), "Remote Look-in", Recorders, Detectors, Encryption &

Scrambler, Metal & Bomb Detector, Night Vision, Intrusion Detection

Shoplifting &  Theft Prevention, Wireless & Wired Alarm, Sensors, Driveway Alarm,

Access Control via (Card, Chip, Photo ID) and Biometrics (retina, facial, voice, finger), 

Office Telephones & PBX Systems , Payphone, Intercom, Caller-ID, 
Cordless, 2-Way Radios, Building Entry, Elevator, Cellular & Sat Phone (End User),

Long-Range Cordless, Auto-Attendant & Voicemail, Mobile Dealers

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Alerts (phone, door, fire).....

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Point-Of-Sale (POS)......

Environmental & Clean Power Generation  
Clean Air & Water Solutions, Solar-Panels & Power Solutions,

Diesel and Natural Gas Generators, Wind Turbines

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Credit Card Reader & Printer, Bar-coding & Point-of-Sale (POS), Mirrors,

Cash Registers....Click Here for .Shoplifting OR Cameras (cctv)

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