Long Range Cordless Telephones      
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500 Meter to 1km, 1-3km


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EnGenius Telecom...America's Latest Longer-Range Cordless 900Mhz (FCC Approved) Senao's USA name


Comparison Chart Freestyl-1 (Phased out) & Freestyl-2 Read the PDF




 Retail $699.95 Street $479 Your Cost $399.95 plus $9.95 (shipping/handling in USA 48 States)


Combined with 6db Booster Antenna $649.00 with UPS


FCC Approved Longer-Range Cordless Phone (up to 1 line & 9 extensions)



FreeStyle 1 $439.00, 6db Booster Antenna $239.00 2nd Handset $169.00 = Total $947.00 (Minus $100) $849.95 with Shipping (48-USA States)



- EnGenius Free-Style One Cordless Phone System

- Superior multi-floor coverage for offices and warehouses
- Penetrates concrete, wood and drywall
- 900Mhz, way more range than 2.4 or 5.8 Ghz
- Outperforms all DECT solutions
- Digital Spread Spectrum—security
- Expandable to (9) total handsets
- Built in 2-Way radio between handsets
- Built in handset broadcast system
- Base station dialing w/Speakerphone

Retail $699.95 Street $479.


Your Cost $399.95 plus $9.95 UPS (48 USA States) Extra Charge for Hawaii, Alaska, PR, Guam & Non-USA Export




Engenius Freestyl1 Extra Handset


Freestyle 1 Extra Handsets (Up to 8 more) One comes with system above. 

Retail $299.95 Regular $199.95 Your Cost $169.95 plus $8.95 UPS


Freestyle 6db Booster Antenna
with 60 ft Cable. Doubles whatever signal you already get, extends Engenius 1/2 mile to 2 miles
Retail $289.95  Your Cost $239.95 with shipping (USA 48)

We can email a discounted invoice when you purchase a System, Extra Handsets and Outdoor Booster Antenna, Extra Batteries, or any COMBO

Optima Extended Recption Antenna (Engenius Freestyl1)

"Optima" Antenna
provides stronger & clearer signal strength

Retails $29.95 Your cost $19.95 plus USPS Airmail (If not purchased at time or order).

Engenius Battery

-Replacement or Spare Battery (1100mah)  $39.95   -OR

-Extra Power Battery
(1700mah)  $49.95   -

Engenius Battery

A/C (Wall Plug)
$19.95   -Base Charger (NO plug) $39.95   -Charger & A/C Wall Plug (110v) $54.95  

900Mhz Engenius Frestyl1 Booster Indoor Antenna

-Indoor Booster Antenna (20m Cable) $249.95

  • Connects to Base Stations for EnGenius Durafon or FreeStyl Phone Systems
  • Includes a 20-meter cable (60 ft)
  • Optimal radiation pattern provides the best indoor coverage.
  • Enclosure 20 meter low loss cable ensures the minimized attenuation of conductive signal.

 NEW Engenius FreeStyl 2 Extreme Range Cordless Phone

Be careful to insure that you are buying from a truly Authorized Dealer or good luck getting repairs, under Warranty or not! Mostly ALL sellers on Amazon & Ebay are NOT

Engenius Handset

  • 1-Line Phone System without base Dial Keypad ALL CORDLESS
  • Supports up to 9 simultaneous handsets (sold separately)Ver 1 and Ver 2 Handsets are NOT Compatible
  • Extreme wireless range up to: 6 floors, 25,000 sq. ft. in warehouses, and 10 acres in open areas
  • Speakerphone in handset
  • 2-Way intercom between Handsets
  • Broadcast to multiple handsets from any handset
  • Single Line
  • Operation Frequency: 902~928MHz USA
  • (Country Frequency Export options from Dubai-Singapore 902~915MHz & 915~928MHz & 848-868Mhz)
  • Up to 400mW/-111dBm transmit power
  • Phone book: 50 entries
  • Soft menu key
  • Speakerphone in handset
  • Broadcast (independent with base)
  • Intercom (independent with base)
  • User friendly MMI
  • Key guard
  • Transmit power control
  • Adjustable microphone gain
  • Handset group setting
  • Type I/II caller ID
  • DTMF/FSK Caller ID
  • Message waiting detection (VMWI)
  • 4-line LCD display
  • Call on hold
  • Build-in music on hold
  • Rapid charging
  • Mute
  • Baby monitor
  • Call manager (Call barring for incoming/outgoing call)
  • Any key answer
  • Feature call: 10
  • Adjustable flash time
  • Wall mountable
  • Supports Up to 9 Handsets
  • Earphone call control
  • 2.5mm headset jack
  • Ringer/ vibrator

Retail $599.95 Your Cost $389.95 + UPS $9.95 (48 USA)



Xtra Handsets $249.95 Your Cost $169.95 (Handset, Battery, Antenna, Base/Charger) plus Free UPS/USPS




1100MaH Battery $39.95



1700Mah Super Battery $49.95

System, Handsets, Batteries




Double your range with a 6Db (Outside) Antenna Booster $239.95 with plus UPS Ground Read here 



ATT SB 67138B: 4-Line Phone System w/ Longer-Range (uses Antenna Mini-Repeaters)

Cordless Handsets, Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Landline or Cellular



Basic Package (Shown above) Up to Six (6) Repeaters AND up to six (6) additional Handsets

Retail $599.95 Your Cost $399.95 plus Shipping (Fedex or EMS)

Handsets $89.95 and Repeaters $89.95 (purchased with same time)



Read all about it....



4-Line Phone System Model SN436 (USA)& SN922 (EU) Read more

EP-801 Up to 4-Line & 9-Handsets

Ships from Singapore direct to your door (863-865 Mhz WPBX) Same image as "FreeStyle" shown at top (CE Approved)

Read the User Manual




Multi-channel access with auto scan (240 channels), Multi-handset system (up to 15),

Multi-base system (up to 4), 2-Way Intercom / Walkie-Talkie between handsets


 SN-258 Senao Local Range Cordless Beats the Rest




SN 356 Senao Longer Range Cordless


Long Range Cordless: Frequency Band: 268MHz ~ 394MHz, Range: 8-15Km, Multi-channel with auto-scan,

Expandable up to 99 Handsets, H/S with speakerphone function, Two-way paging/intercom FOR EXPORT ONLY 






ALCON SS-7 With a 5 Watt Base to 5 Watt Remote =10-20km $895 USD/FOB  SOLD OUT

Click Here to Buy the Alcon 8-SS / CT-8 Base to Base 25 watts WOW $1495



 Also available:  Airspan, Telemobile and others


Some newer units offer features such as "Line Extenders" also known as "Remote Dialtone"

(Allows use of a Fax Machine, Laptop, Credit-Card Reader)


Multiple bases, multi-line, boosters, multiple handsets, intercom and " voice scrambling" as options. 

Get Dialtone on your Boat, from your Vacation Home or You could turn off devices down the road at your store.
Provide Instant Remote Dialtone and Phone Jacks to that Hospital Trailer 400m away. Get a Fax out to the Barn way out yonder.

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