Perimeter, Entry, Exit Motion-Activated Voice Announcer-Warning Alert

Warehouses, Hallways, Schools, Fire Zones, Boats, Doorways, Children, Elderly ......

Sound Sentry Motion Sensor Annuciator Alert

Sound Sentry tm Motion-Activated Annunciator Voice Message Alert:

Records message in YOUR VOICE, activates when sensor detects motion at 11 feet

Retail $39.95 Your Cost: Single unit $29.95 plus $8.95 shipping (Discounts 2+)

Attention School Administrators. Please Email us for Special Pricing

Sentry Quantity Discounts

  • "You are Entering a RESTRICTED ZONE", for any Secure Facility
  • Covered Cabana area at a Swimming Pool "Please do not run around the Pool. Please walk slowly"
  • Can perform 'Wander Guard' tm Annunciator function, Tells Elderly with Dimentia or Alzheimer's, "Mom, stay in the House, please" and "Do not leave the House, Dad"
  • Children approaching a School Door "Please do not use this Door. You are not allowed to exit without a Supervisor" or "Please return to your Classroom". This approach works for any school hallway where kids may wander off through an unlocked door.
  • Retail Store? Place near entrance "Welcome to our store -enter name here- Helpers are on the floor, Cash Registers at the back"
  • Leave messages for family or friends when you are away from home or your office. Attach at Kitchen entry or on Refrigerator
  • Teach your Dog to stay off the couch or out of the trash! You can try, at least :)
  • Parking Space, Rear Alert "You are about to hit the wall. You are within 10 feet"


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