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NEW Five Stars (C) Al rights reserved Mini-Micro-Pinhole Surveillance-Cameras connect to Tablets and
Android Phones via NEW OTG/USB Cable

Perimeter Sensors, Beams & Alarms. Skorpion-Beams GSM Cameras Secure Facilities Everything AccessControl Building & Door Entry Video Door Phones

Hidden Camera Systems & Board Only:

Smoke Detector, Motion Detector-PIR

iPhone Dock w/AM-FM Briefcase, Wristwatch, Beeper/Pager, Eyeglasses, File Folder,


Video Cassette Recorder, Camera-in-Book Prices range $109-$690 




Introduction Video for GSM CCTV Camera  "Cell Eye Remote" 


SAMPLE LIVE VIDEO (15 seconds / 11-03-13)

Airlink 3G/4G Cellular Solar Solution:
$695-$895 Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ)
with "HUGE" 20180 Li-ion Battery, (up to 128gb SD), PoE,
[GSM, GSM Router or WiFi-Only option]
read about it & see video about it

Airlink Solar Camera 3G/4G


WOW ! A complete Digital CCTV Solution using a tiny SD Card Multimedia Recorder Read the PDF by SecurityMan tm



Special Package Deal by Lorex (FLIR Corp.) Analogue & Wired

Includes (1) Outdoor 1080p HD Camera with Remote View and PTZ

(2) Outdoor Bullet Cameras, Cabling, 19" LED HD Monitor & HD DVR (Video Recorder) $1195.00 or less Read about it here


Lorex 1080p HD Camera   Monitor 19"   DVR Lorex   Outdoor Camera 1080p HD in Speed Dome

Snapshot GSM (5 Photos) via email or SMS-MMS  $249 plus EMS

Read about it here

SIM PAL G4 Snapshot (5) Camera

Wireless Video and Reverse PTZ Control Solution in one Ready-to-Install kit (Elevators)

Here are the details: #TCO-2409XR6
  • Digital signal transmits Real-Time video/PTZ control up to 2,500 Feet 
  • Full-reverse 2-wire RS485 PTZ / Pelco-D Data control ~ Perfect for hi-speed PTZ cameras or access control
  • Digital Pairing - No software or configuration required
  • Rugged protective enclosure with embedded antenna system for extreme all-weather environments
  • 100% Performance Guarantee 
For $1,067 we know you'll love this 2-in-1 Wireless Video & PTZ Solution!  

IP Camera for Elevators




UNIDEN (SecurityMan) 2.4 Ghz Wireless Cameras (2) and Monitor w/4gb SD Storage

Retails $249-$289, Your Cost 219.95 Extra Cameras are low as $114.95 Read it here (plus shipping)

Uniden Wireless Cameras Model #444


"Security Man" Online Catalog (Wireless Cameras)  Optex Motion Detectors Online Catalog 
Aiphone Entry & Intercom
Online Catalog


Proxicast (r)

High Performance Mobile
3G/4G Router


4-CAMERA--->MONITOR--->DVR--->Proxicast----->Cellular Network------iPhone, Web Browser



Read the "Quick Start"PDF



Buy Proxicast




4-Camera Wireless 2.4Ghz Camera System with Monitor


Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) easy to setup and use 2.4GHz digital wireless recording system (by SecurityMan tm)



$479.95 with Four (4) Camera plus shipping $19.95 from Texas


Our new solution for the Digital Age.... IP WiFi Camera (or USB/RJ-45 Router Interface)

NEW unit ... WiFi Clock Radio Camera (soon) Combine up to 8 Camera

Wifi IP Camera with Nightvision and Sound                                       Camera back view (IP WiFi Camera)

  1. Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y) easy to setup and use IP WiFi Camera   Read the Manual
  2. Advanced H.264 video compression technology for the best video streaming and longer recording time
  3. Remote monitoring over the Internet from a Tablet, Notebook or Desktop PC (IE)  [Free Software in the AppStore called "IPCam Live"]
  4. P2P (point-to-point) service for easy remote access without networking knowledge or configuration
  5. Supports Android Smartphones & iPhone Remote Monitoring & Surveillance [Free Software in the AppStore called "IPCam Live"]
  6. Supports Remote PC Recording and local Recording to Micro SD (up to 32GB for 57hr of recording) SD Card sold separately
  7. 2-in-1 design: Wireless Wi-Fi or Wired Ethernet Network Router connection
  8. Remote PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Control & Playback and Backup
  9. Easy to integrate with your Wired or Wireless Alarm- input sensor(s) and alarm output devices
  10. Supports VMD (video motion detection), alarm email, and local alarm outputs (External Siren $15-$50 or Strobe $34.95 or Spot Light)
  11. Motion-Detection Activated Recording or Manual Recording or Scheduled Recording
  12. Supports 2-way audio communication between local and remote sites [Check with your local privacy laws regarding intercepting "3rd-Party" conversations]
  13. Nigh-Vision IR (B/W) up to 50ft
  14. Crystal clear video quality, VGA (640×480) at 30fps (frame per second) which is "Live"
  15. CMS (central management software) for remote access/control, record/playback, and monitor up to 64 IP cameras (4-Live on your Cellular Mobile Phone @ one time) Read the Manual
  16. Supports up to 8 login users at the same time [CMS allows assignment of individual access & passwords]

  17. Retail $249.95 Your Cost $169.95 plus shipping (1-Camera) or

     2@ $159.95 ea. or 3@ $149.95 ea. or 4@ $139.95 ea.

    IP WiFi SD Camera (Up to 8)


    NEW Outdoor IP WiFi with 8GB SD & Night-Vision


    NEW Outdoor IP WiFi with 8GB SD & Night-Vision

    LOREX FLIR Night Vision & THERMAL


Pro 8 Indoor/Outdoor Color Camera Video Security Kit with 1 Tb DVR (Black cameras)


Complete Package for 8 Camera (Just add the Monitor / Flat Screen TV)


The whole package deal

8 Color Cameras, 100' x 8 Cable

(Cameras: Indoor/Outdoor with IR and LED)

One Terabyte (1Tb) Digital Video Recorder (DVR)


$1299.00 Complete with Shipping (48-USA)



Video-Comm Wireless 2.4-5.8Ghz CCTV Camera 2000ft to 4km


Video-Comm Wireless CCTV Camera Sender & Receiver (Made-in-USA)

Cameras $399.00-$699.00 (with 6ft Cable)

Transmitter/Receiver: Range 2000 feet (650m) to 3.3 Miles (4km) $499.00 & $1895.00 USD (Ships Worldwide)

Send an eMail for PDF, Price Quote or Pro-Forma Invoice (P/I)

Also Elevator Wireless Camera with TX/RX



UNIDEN Wireless




Retails $499.95 YOUR COST $399.95 plus shipping




IP Remote Surveillance GSM Alarm (3G 4G) 


IP GSM Camera

Main Function:

1. M-JPEG CMOS 0.30Million Pixels
2. Six groups of telephone numbers can be programmed in.
3.With high DB voice indication to warn the intruder
4.With the two strong searchlights, if the system detects any movement, the PTZ starts to turn around, the searchlight will be triggered with strong light  to scare away the illegal intruder
5.Remote Internet Monitoring plus basic GSM alarm,
6.SMS control alarm systems to arm or disarm ,start or stop the sirens
7.Worldwide remote control through video
8.With built-in GSM alarm, it can make a call to inform you if it detects any movement, work with wireless sensor, such as PIR, gas detector, smoke sensor, and more
9.Separately disarm the PIR, easy to add or cancel accessories
10.Connect with siren, sound alarm and mute alarm optional
11.Can work with PTZ, 360 degrees monitor
12.Can work with monitor center

1. Alarm via internet line (optional)
2.Can be programmed by alarm report center (optional)

Standard Configuration

One box camera with built-in wireless GSM alarm and internet control function 
(Real voice recording, Speak  to the spot and flashing light )  ,
one PTZ, 
one lens (6mm),
Two remote controllers、 
One siren ,
one door sensor,
One keypad、
One internet connector、
One Random CD-ROM (including surveillance software).

Item Number: TV984
Price: $179.95 plus S&H
Weight: 3.80
LCD Flat Panel Video and Sound Monitor
- Automatic infrared night vision
- Flat screen tilts for easy viewing
- Volume, brightness, color, and contrast control
- High resolution portable camera (in battery mode)
- 900MHz, Cordless Frequency (up to 400ft. range)
- Extra large 5.5" Color TFT LCD display
- Slim, lightweight design, only 1.25" deep
- External camera antenna provides maximum clarity
- 2 Channels
- Includes cable so you can view image on TV
- Optional audio only mode
- Wall mount on camera and receiver
- Expandable, works with 2 cameras
- Optional switching feature when 2 cameras are used
- Requires 6 AA batteries for portable camera mode (not included)
- 1 Year manufacturer's warranty
- Includes: 1 camera, 1 receiver, 2 AC adapters, 1 A/V cable, wall mounting supplies,


Modular Systems by Lorex for Entrance areas with tiny, white, round camera w/built-in mike. Indoor receiver box which connects to TV channel 3/4. 



Lorex Door Camera Unit (left) & Indoor Chime (right)

Motion detector below camera sets off chime in receiver box. 65 ft. cable, 1/3" 3.8mm lens $169.95 "Turns any TV into an Observation System"


Monitor with 4-live camera view and sound

Packaged Systems: Incl. Monitor (9"-17"), Switcher (1,2,3,4) or Quad (4-live images), Camera, Lens, Cable, Mount Wired or Wireless $395-995.00 (Lorex Quad pictured here is $595 with 4 Cameras, with unique motion detector feature which brings active image to full screen).


Cameras: Sony, JVC, Toshiba, GBC, Philips/Burle, Goldbeam, Panasonic, Chinon, RCA, Ultrak...Color Only & B/W Only, China Direct


Mini Cameras: COHU, Panasonic, JVC, Watec. Palm sized, Fiber Tube, Motorized w/remote control $195-$3,000.00   

Transmitter & Receivers


Click Here for link to detailed specifications pageDynapix "InView" 2.4Ghz Transmitter and Receiver


(LED Signal Strength Indicator) pair offers full-motion color video and audio, with "line of sight" up to 2-mile (low power to 250mw allows IN-2000 1m & IN-2500 1--10m feet), 3-Channel switch, NTSC 525 Line, PAL & Secam 625 Line Resolution, Current 500ma max w/12-16vdc, Weight 16oz. Dimensions-1.375 x 3.65 x 5.575, and 3-antenna options $2995  New options just released include 5.3 Ghz (unlicensed) for line of sight up to 12 miles. $4-7,000.

Trango goes wild with new line of 900mhz-2.4ghz from 1-12 mile and from below $1495 up., and now with a new focus on the Internet and IP Technologies as WiFi & WiMax with Motorola Canape.


Also featuring wireless options by-

Premier Wireless and Microtek "Mini-Link" and Videocom in 900mhz & 2.4ghz  & 5.8Ghz $499(2000ft) and $1895 (up to 4 km)





Latest Fast-Motion Camera (click here)
Introducing the new "PTZ Speed Dome" by Longse

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