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Call Extend is an automated attendant that answers and routes your incoming phone calls without human intervention. Use Call Extend to handle all your incoming calls or to help free up a busy receptionist. Now in the marketplace over 15 years, the average unit last an average of 7-10, usually blown out by a storm, when the user has no Power Backup protection. Otherwise, this Call Extend is a workhorse, rarely fails before 10 years. The cost of an ACTUAL Human Receptionist for 10 years? Care to guess?

Call Extend ensures that your callers will reach you quickly and efficiently. Upon hearing a voice message that you have recorded, callers can simply dial the extension they wish to reach (like a Motel Room), or dial a single digit to be transferred to a department (offices). Call Extend can even supervise these call transfers and send unanswered calls to a receptionist.

Call Extend is packed with features, yet it is extremely affordable. This combination has won Call Extend both the Product of the Year and the Editor's Choice awards from Teleconnect Magazine.



General Business: CallExtend ensures that your callers can get through to you easily. Use one or several CallExtend units to answer all incoming calls or as a back-up for your receptionist.

Hotels and Motels: With CallExtend, callers can dial a room directly or dial a single digit for reservations and information. Use CallExtend to relieve your front-desk staff or even to eliminate the need for front-desk supervision after hours.

Professional Office Suites: CallExtend is ideal for independent professionals, such as attorneys and doctors, who share office space and phone equipment. Callers can reach their desired party by dialing a single digit.

Branch Offices or Work-at-Home Businesses: CallExtend can be programmed to allow callers to dial a single digit and be transferred from a central office to an off-site location.

Repetitive Messages: CallExtend is ideal for businesses that need to give out the same information repeatedly, such as movie theaters, restaurants, and service centers. A user-recorded message can give out such information, minimizing the number of calls going through to your receptionist and staff.

Digital Voice Announcers: Many phone systems need a "voice announcer" that plays a message to callers on hold and then drops out of the call. CallExtend can be easily programmed for use as a digital voice announcer. The same message can be recorded on each of CallExtend's two ports, or a different message can be recorded on each port, making it ideal for such voice announcements.



[Bullet] Two Ports: CallExtend has two independent ports for answering calls, so it can handle two calls simultaneously. When a call has been released (transferred), CallExtend is free to answer another call.
[Bullet] User-Recorded Digital Voice Messages: CallExtend comes in three models: with 32 seconds, 1 minute, or 2 minutes of digital voice storage per port. The user can record the same outgoing voice message on each CallExtend port or use each port for a different greeting.
[Bullet] Call Progress Voice Messages can be recorded, in addition to the initial voice greeting, to tell callers the status of their call. For example: "Please hold while I try that extension" or "That extension did not answer; please hold while I try the receptionist."
[Bullet] Call Transfer Options: Callers can dial an extension directly or dial a single digit from a menu to reach a department. Callers with rotary telephones will be routed to the receptionist.
[Bullet] Two Menu Levels are available for single digit dialing, so that callers can direct their calls to an even more precise location.
[Bullet] User-Customized Programming: CallExtend can be programmed to accept any extension format and/or to allow callers to reach up to 9 departments or second-level menus with a single digit.
[Bullet] Call Transfer Supervision Modes: CallExtend can be programmed for blind transfers, to re-route unanswered calls to a receptionist, or even to disconnect unanswered call transfers.
[Bullet] Off-Premise Transfers: Extensions of up to 16 digits can be programmed into CallExtend, so calls can be transferred to an outside number if desired.
[Bullet] Multiple Receptionist Types let the user designate the receptionist for each type of call. For example, callers who don't dial anything from the main greeting can go to one receptionist, while callers who dial an extension that's busy or doesn't answer can go to an appropriate department receptionist or to another alternate receptionist. All receptionist extensions can be up to 16 digits long.
[Bullet] Stackable: Multiple CallExtend units can be used on one phone system to process more than 2 incoming calls at a time.
[Bullet] Extremely flexible, easy programming lets CallExtend work with virtually any business PBX or hybrid key telephone system. Extensions and phone numbers can be dialed with pauses, extra digits before or afterwards, and even extra hook-flashes if needed.

Installation & Programming:

Call-Extend connects to one or two analog ports on the extension side of a business phone system (PBX or Key telephone system), using standard RJ11 jack(s). Call-Extend is compatible with most phone systems that can do a hook-flash call transfer. Users without a phone system can use Call-Extend directly on telephone lines that are equipped with a Centrex service from the local telephone company.

Once Call-Extend is connected, have your phone system route incoming calls to the analog ports CallExtend is connected to. If both Call-Extend ports are connected, two incoming calls can be processed at the same time.

Call-Extend is easily programmed from a touch-tone phone connected to the ADMIN port of the unit. By dialing in simple commands on the touch-tone phone, you can record voice messages and program CallExtend to handle call transfers.

Technical Specifications:

Compatibility: PBX, Centrex, Hybrids, Key Systems - 2 wire analog extension, hook-flash call transfer capability, loop start lines

Port Size: Two (2)

Processor: Intel 8031 8-bit

Programming storage: non-volatile EEPROM, 512 bytes

Battery backup of voice messages with 9-volt battery. Visual indication of low battery.

Digital voice storage: 1MB DRAM, 2MB DRAM, or 4MB DRAM

Size: 6.75" W x 10" L x 2.75" H

Weight: (3lbs) Call Extend unit - 2 pounds, Transformer - 1 pound

Power source: UL/CSA approved Class 2 wall-mounted transformer, Input: 120 VAC 60Hz 15w, Output: 20 VAC 400mA

Jack Type: RJ11C

Retail for End-User (MSRP $995.95) List Price $671.00

Should be installed & programmed by a Certified Telephone Technician called a "Inter-Connect" (or Electrician), but not required.

Special Price $549.95 + UPS Ground & Factory Order Processing Fee $29.95  [Note: Do you need it faster? UPS-2nd Day $45 or Overnight $75]

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