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Biometric Door Handle with finger & 4-digit code

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Bio-Metric Fingerprint Reader, 4-Digit Pin & Key Lock

AMTEL (ASPS)  Access, Parking, Apartment & Building Entry, Time & Attendance


Access Control Technologies RS-485 Swipe $249.95-299.00
Card Readers, Code Access, Laser Scanners, Wireless Clickers, Biometric
Access Control Panels and Facility Management Software  $1995-3495.00 Apartments, Gated Community, Motor Home Park, Warehouse, Office Building, secure Facility
One Door Control, Four Door Control, Elevator/HVAC Control, Badging, Facility Management
Parking Controls and Security
Barrier Gates, Ticket Machines, Fee Computers, Monthly Access Control, Ticket/Coin Controller
Pre-Engineered Systems for Parking and Revenue Control $5,000-$25,000 storage lots from 50-200 cars
Standard Facility Management, Video Check, Valet Parking, Lot Full Control, Merchant Validation
Wireless, Audio-Visual Visitor Screening Systems $1,995.00-$3495.00
Tele Entry Systems: One-Touch, Scrolling Directory, Printed Directory, CCTV Camera, Local or Remote Management, PC Control
Guard Gate Automation and Management Systems

Full-featured Guardhouse Access Control: Voice Mail, Video Check, Exit Screening, Networked Guardhouses

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Access Control Technologies

Card Readers
Choice of proximity, wiegand, magnetic stripe, or bar code. Our card readers are secure, vandal-resistant, reliable, and user-friendly. Other reader technologies available.
Code Access Control
Each user has his or her own private five digit code for keypad access; codes can be individually voided. Can also be used in code + card control modes. Mix with other control technologies.
Standard print, custom print, or photo-ID card formats. Individually coded with factory coding or site coding options. Heavy-duty polyester design. On-site photo-ID available.
Programmable Wireless Clickers
User friendly miniature transmitters that are individually programmed and computer controlled. Long battery life. Available in full control R.F. or infra-red technology.
Laser Scanner
Hands-free automatic vehicle identification system with individually encoded bar tags. Low cost, highly reliable, and computer controlled. Black on white or black on black decals.


Access Control Panels and Facility Management Software

V1300 One-Door Control
Stand alone or PC control of one door. Full smart feature set including void/validate users, time zones, time clock controls, memory for up to 8000 users, buffer, 4 inputs, 4 outputs, 365 time clock, programmer, and printer/modem connections.
V 4000 Four Door Panel
Stand alone or PC control of four access control devices. Features include void/validate users, time zones, time clocks, buffer, 8000 user memory, programmer, 16 inputs, 16 outputs, printed instructions, and battery backup.
Elevator/HVAC Controller (universal input/output control)
Universal input/output controller with up to 24 supervised inputs and outputs. Full protections, connects to a V4000 or PC for energy management or elevator control.
AMWATCH Facility Management
PC-based monitoring for total facility security. Available for part-time PC or dedicated PC operation. Features include menus, floor plans, multi-level monitoring, full reports, remote monitoring, input-output controls, auto-dial, automatic void options, and more.
AMPHOTO Badging Program (print access control cards)
Print your own access control cards! What you see is what you get - on a credit card-sized badge that is also an access control device. Print directly on the card in black-and-white or full color. Features include a full database and a low per-card cost.

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Products for Vehicular Access Control and Security

BG990 Barrier Gate
Heavy-duty industrial barrier gate with a 10' or 12' gate arm. Our unique "shell-within-a-shell" design allows for field replacement of the rust-free aluminum housing. Features include a universal logic box, metal limit switches, a 1/3 hp motor, and more.
Auto-Scan Ticket Machine
Issues bar-coded tickets with the user's arrival date and time printed on them. The computer tracks each ticket. Also available: upgrade kits for older ticket machines, giving them full Auto-Scan abilities. Features include full monitoring of all internal functions.
Auto-Scan Fee Computer
Cashier station scans tickets and automatically computes and displays the fee due. Full controls help you account for every penny. Features include remote programming, management, and diagnosis abilities.
Monthly Access Control
Monitor your long-term parkers with cards, clickers, codes, laser-scanned tags, or radio frequency tags. Charge for hours used, number of entries, or other usage measures, and allow pre-paid usage up to whatever levels you specify. Anti-passback features can eliminate card sharing. Other features include advanced interlocking.
Ticket/Coin Controller
Accepts tokens or quarters for exit control. Ideal for low-traffic, low-fee applications. Features include a large coin/token capacity, and advanced connectivity (connect to other access control devices or PC controllers in your system).

Automated Parking Lot

Pre-Engineered Systems for Parking and Revenue Control

AMPARK - Standard
Tracks every activity in Entry and Exit lanes, computes fees, manages access control systems, provides full reports, and checks all functions. Full facility management ability.
AMPARK - Video Check
Allows storage of up to four photographs of every entering vehicle with the ticket issue number. At exit, cashier checks to make sure car leaving matches the entry vehicle to prevent auto-theft.
AMPARK - Valet Parking
Issues a three-part ticket with auto-scan abilities. Provides automatic fee computation, reports, merchant billing, grace period, prepay and other features.
AMPARK - Lot Full Control
Keeps track of every entry and exit and automatically disables the Ticket Issue machine when the garage is full. Also provides traffic statistics by lane and by the hour and other management reports.
AMPARK - Merchant Validation
Stand-Alone Merchant validation stations allow authorized managers to issue complimentary parking vouchers that are automatically scanned by the Fee Computer. Full pass code protection and reports.

  Automated Parking Lot-Attended & Unattended Read More Here

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Wireless, Audio-Visual Visitor Screening Systems

TE 5100 One-Touch Tele Entry
A single touch connects you to any of 48 tenants! Fast, convenient, and cost-effective. Features include built-in lighting, postal lock, code access, dual relays, programmer, and remote PC control.
TE 5200 Scrolling Tele Entry
Full featured access control for up to 2000 tenants! "Quick-Search" helps users connect easily. Features include built-in lighting, card or code access, postal lock, interfaces for V1300 and V4000 panels, and a built-in modem for remote PC control. Colors available to match building decor.
Hidden CCTV Camera Option
Add visual checks to your Tele Entry system with a hidden, low-light, wide-angle lens camera featuring automatic light compensation circuitry. Can connect to monitors, cable TV systems, or MATV systems.
UNEX 2100 Tele Entry
Access control for up to 1000 tenants! A built-in paper directory can be updated and replaced with no hassle at all. Features include a two-line display, postal lock, battery backup, dual relays, code access, multi-mount, built-in and satellite card readers, tele-programming, and printer options.
PC Control for Tele Entry
This full featured PC program allows complete control of TE 5100 and TE 5200 units. Can integrate with access control gating systems and parking control systems. Can be used for local or remote management.

Cellular Remote Wireless GSM (SIM Inserted) Live Stream CCTV Camera & Sensor Alarm?           Read about it

GSM CCTV Camera with Alarm Security Sensor Inputs

Guard Gate Automation and Management Systems

AMGUARD - Standard
Full-featured guardhouse access control system. Fast visitor processing, automatically generated gate passes, automatic printed directions, incident reports, guard-watch, full tenant database with searches by name, address, vehicle, or phone number, user-friendly operation, and custom print formats.
AMGUARD - Voice Mail
Adds voice mail features to a standard guardhouse AMGUARD system. Allows 24 hour access for tenants to leave instructions for guards (which can be accessed selectively when visitors arrive for the tenant). Reduces guard costs, improves accuracy and efficiency, and improves record-keeping.
AMGUARD - Video Check
Adds a whole new level of security to your campus or development! A computerized photo-file allows guards to quickly check what regular guests, employees, and visitors look like, for easy identity confirmation. Can record visitor activity in memory or on backup media.
AMGUARD - Exit Screening
Allows guards to check visitors when they exit, as well as when they enter. This allows guards to monitor a list of all visitors on the premises, and to prevent unauthorized activity. Features include contractor controls, crew checks, and full reports.
AMGUARD - Networked
Networks multiple guard stations, even if located miles apart, for coordinated management of all visitors. All activity can be controlled at a central point, with full automation of each guardhouse.

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Access Control via (Card, Chip, Photo ID) and Biometrics (retina, facial, voice, finger), 

Office Telephones & PBX Systems , Payphone, Intercom, Caller-ID, 
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Long-Range Cordless, Auto-Attendant & Voicemail, Mobile Dealers

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Time Clocks , Shredders, Calculators & Organizers, Copiers, Collator & Burster,

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