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BBA-4000 Dakota Solar Photo Beams


Solar-Powered - Lithium Battery Backup




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BBA-4000 Dakota Solar Photo Beams


Dakota BBA-4000 (New Indoor Reciever Version)

  • Solar powered wireless infrared break beam system that is simple to install and requires no wiring
  • Break beam sensors are powered by lithium ion batteries that are recharged through the solar panels during the day
  • Infrared sensing terminals can be mounted up to 300 feet apart and will send a signal back to the DCR-2500 receiver up to half mile away anytime someone passes between the sensors
  • Will not be activated by any motion outside of the monitored beam
  • Sensors are not affected by small objects such as falling leaves or birds
  • Ideal for outdoor applications such as storage lots, lumber yards, car dealerships, etc.
  • Multiple sensor pairs can be used to send


    Dakota Solar Security Beam Pair


    BBT-4000 Extra Beam Pair (up to 4)


    Dakota PR-2500 Handheld Wireless Receiver


    PR-2500 Wireless Receiver


    • The PR-2500 is a pocket-sized receiver that is compatible with all of our 2500 and 3000 series transmitters.
    • It is capable of receiving and storing alert signals from up to 4 zones.
    • Each zone can store up to 400 events with a date/time stamp.
    • In addition, each zone can store up to 999 events without the date/time stamp.
    • With the counter function you will know when the monitor was achieved.
    • The re-chargeable Li-ion battery will hold a charge for up to 10 days.
    • In addition to the LCD display, the PR-2500 will also give an audible tone for each of the four zones and a vibrate alert for times when you need it to be silent.



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    Dakota Alert Wireless Solar Trip Beam System & Accessories



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