Virtual (Wireless) 'Above' or 'In-Ground' Pool Cover, Sensor & Alarm


Above Ground Pool (example)

Guard against unattended Children or 'Home Cared Elderly' Wandering into the Pool (Wireless 24 x 7)

Optex Wireless Beams

Outdoor Unit (4-year Battery) & Inside Receiver (up to 16 zones) sending a signal back to the inside Chime

Inovonics by Optex. Made in USA                                       


Spatial Horizontal or Vertical

Example- 40' x 50' Pool-Single Photo Beam mounted at 8-10' high acts as a "Invisible Pool Alarm Cover" and send a wireless signal back to the Guard House or Your House (300-500 feet max without a booster). Solutions average. priced from $499-$899

For a hyper-sensitive solution, a bit expensive, consider a LASER BEAM

Optex 'Redscan' Laser Security Beam

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