Cellular Fax Machine & Terminal (voice/fax/data) Solutions for a Wireless World (GSM) 2019

With all the Security breaches, from Movie Studios to Retailers to Medical Facilities,

CAN YOU GUARANTEE Your Clients' Data is SECURE? Go back to Analogue Faxing in a Digital World.


Prices for our GSM Terminal (SIM Inserted-600 systems worldwide) Start at $149.95


(Plug in your own Fax) $399 or use our Panasonic Mini-Fax Combined $649 (with 12v Adapter)



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Product Matrix


USA/Canada/Americas 850/1900 GSM or Worldwide 900/1800 GSM or Quad (Just Insert the SIM chip)


Requires-Your Cell Operator to offer High Speed Circuit-Switched Data (HS-CSD or CSD) 2/3G & GPRS [USA?, T-Mobile Business Account]


Please note: Some products are not approved for the Americas, others can be used worldwide


Shipping from the Source (USA, China, UK, Israel, Singapore, Germany, Czech), Direct to you, or your client's door. (UPS, TNT, Fedex, DHL EMS-not included)



GRETA Cellular Portable Fax, Copier, Scanner, Printer, Phone, SMS Text (GSM) SALE Priced $699 (50% from Retail) plus shipping READ it here

    Tiny MiniFax by Panasonic    

World's only dual-mode, quad band GSM Cellular Portable Fax



Easygate is where it's at, 110v or 220v $499 or Euro, AU$, Sterling, CH and more..

(Diagram above is merely an illustration of uses)




 WORLDWIDE LIST (by Country)


NOTE: CSD required for a Stand-Alone GSM Analog Fax Machine or "Terminal with Attached Fax"

This service called CSD must be offered! Some offer free, others $10 a mo.


CDMA? eFax is the only way. Click Here [Netgear Terminal $377, Scanner $89, Notebook PC $199-299, 12v-110v CLA $49  = $799.95 with UPS]




1-SIM Easygate GSM Fax Terminal Brochure PDF [FCC & CE Approved] Quad Band (850-900-1800-1900)  USA T-Mobile ONLY


Without CSD Service, you can still create your own Network with (Truck) Easygate--->(Office) Easygate (BUT not regular Landline Fax}


Worldwide Unit for Voice, Fax and GPRS Data Retail $799.95 Your Cost $399.95  Read more here (SMS Software $150)


Package Deal for $599.95 (plus UPS) Combines the Easygate Terminal with Panasonic's Plain-Paper Fax & Converter (Car/Truck)


 We can arrange for T-Mobile to Activate (SIM $24.95) in USA only

Product Name System Technology Frequency Price CArrier-Operator-Service Provider Links
Cellular Terminal "Easygate"  Voice Fax GPRS Data GSM Voice & Fax & Text SMS Insert the SIM...Attach any Fax 850/900/1800/1900mhz $399.95 USA, Canada FCC Approved. Ships Worldwide 110/220v (Texas) Read more
GRETA Portable Office-Special Sale GSM Phone, Fax, Copier, Scanner, Printer (via USB) 900/1800/1900 $699.95+ (USA, Canada, Americas) & Global Model (ships from EU) 110v or 220v (Internal Battery) 12v CLA Extra Read more
Quad Portable Cell & Landline GSM/PSTN Cellular & Landline Phone, Fax, Copier (Battery Extra) 850/900/1800/1900mhz $599.95 NOT Approved for USA or Canada (ships from China) 220v, 12v & Battery CE Approved Read more
Satellite Fax Costs climb from $.10 per page to $1.00 or more, but works worldwide   $2-$3.5k GLOBAL including Americas Encrypted Server, Compression, Spooling, Global Read here

Thinking of eFax via Tablet or Netbook or PDA? Need a USB Scanner?
Weight: 0.95lbs
Length: 6in
Width: 2in
Height: 12in

Road Warrior Portable USB Scanner

Cobra Digital

Scan A4 documents up to 600dpi
Supports micro SD cards up to 32GB
USB 2.0 Connection to PC
Color or black and white scanning
Real time scanning detector to prevent distortion
Built-in "over-speed" alert to control the scanning speed
Built-in "Realtime" scanning detector to avoid distortion (Error Correction)

Read the PDF

Retail $149.95 Your Cost $89.95 & $7.95 UPS Ground

How do I get a document 8.5" x 11", while on the road (Like Trucking Permits).

Epson 100 Bluetooth Printer

Attach a Doc to email, receive it on your Smartphone, PRINT to your Wireless Bluetooth Printer. So this is NOT a solution for sending a FAX, only for getting a Document while on the road. Bluetooth Printers which produce a normal sheet of paper cost more $ than 4" BT Receipt Printers, like those used in a Restaurant.

Epson $299 or less
Brother $349 or less
Canon $399 or less

We can invoice any model you want.

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