Ericsson W 35 Data Modem supports IP Fax

[850/2100mhz SIM Inserted]


[When combined with a Linksys SPA 2102]


Sorry, Fax Service provided in  Australia Only at the moment


Replaces "PhoneCellSX SX-7 by Telular"


Voice-Data-IP Fax


Ericsson W 35 Cellular GSM Data Fax Modem




Retail Priced $995.00 USD Your Cost $725.00 with UPS (48 USA) From our USA warehouse ACTIVATE on AT&T  (Available)





Ships from Toronto warehouse. Retail $1,195. CAN$ Your Cost $785.00 incl. shipping




(from the Sydney warehouse) Activate on Telstra or Vodafone (Activation Available)

Retail Priced AU$ 1295 with Tax.

Your Cost AU$850.00 (plus 10% GST-AU Sales Tax) plus shipping



Quick Overview


Ericsson's W35 3G Fixed Wireless Terminal is a complete voice and data solution for the 3G network. Home or small office users who want to cut their landline to mobile call costs or get rid of their landline completely will particularly benefit from the W35.

The unit operates by mains power; connects to a landline telephone or PC; and houses a 3G SIM card from any 3G network. If access to a 3G network is not possible, the W25 can also operate using GSM.

Ericsson W35 Mobile Broadband Router


The Ericsson W35 is the natural choice for providing voice, fax and high speed internet using the mobile phone networks. It offers a highly cost efficient solution utilizing the 2G/3G mobile network, especially in locations that lack fixed line infrastructure or as an alternative to traditional landline based services.

These state-of-the-art WCDMA/HSUPA mobile broadband routers with integrated design for high quality and performance support the major deployed communication standards.


Connectivity Options


-2-RJ11 Telephone Interface Jacks for a PaBX or Regular Desk Phone, Speakerphone-Conference Phone , Local or Long-Range Cordless


W 35 Connections


Read the Manual

Fax Terminator


Reliable Fax over the Mobile / Cellular Network  $19.95 per month (AU$)



The 'Fax-Terminator' tm Express Service was developed especially for the Ericsson W35 fixed wireless terminal to provide a fax service over the mobile networks.


Faxing over the mobile networks has generally been temperamental, the FaxTerminator service will offer a much more reliable and stable connection for fax transmission using the W35's internet connection.


Even though a standard fax machine is still used, faxes are sent over the internet and the customer receives a standard landline fax number. 'Fax-Terminator' teams up with VOIP providers that specialize in and fully support the T.38 fax protocol, resulting in a reliable and low cost service to the end user.


We are currently offering this fax service in Australia only.     Read more about it...



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